Victor (28 Feb 2021)

God Encodes Messages about huge things on His agenda:


One amazing code in the Bible is the Passover code.

For those who understand the deeper meaning, it is clear that Passover is a code pointing to the cross.Jesus celebrated Passover with His disciples the night before He died, and He took the unleavened bread and put a new meaning on it. He said, “This is My body”. Jesus was the only sinless human. Every good Christian knows that story. God’s plan was amazing. Jesus is the Lamb of Passover. He died on Passover. He shed His blood that we could be set free. 

God took over 1400 years to unfold that code. It was an elaborate plan. 

The Jews celebrate Passover to this day. Many of them have a tradition to take three unleavened crackers and break the middle one, wrap it, hide it, find it, and celebrate. That middle bread is given a special name…Afikomen….After that is broken, they are finished eating. The meal is finished. 

The Afikomen is most interesting because it makes believers to think of Jesus. His body was broken (He died). He was taken off the cross and (wrapped) in a linen cloth. His body was placed in a tomb (hidden), and even as they bring out the afikoman and celebrate, Jesus rose from the dead. And BELIEVERS CELEBRATE. And on the cross, He said, “It is finished”. 

Jesus is called the “LAMB OF GOD”. That is pointing in a symbolic way to His role as a substitutionary sacrifice. “Lamb” is a code for the sacrificial work Jesus would do for sinners.

Isaiah 53 is an amazing prophecy pointing to Jesus work on the cross. Beyond just the plain text, there is encoded in Isaiah 53 many words and phrases confirming the NT. Some websites with information on that are:, / and others. In Isaiah 53 is Encoded the phrase, “Yeshua is My Name”. Dr. Chuck Missler also wrote a book called, “Cosmic Codes” with many more examples.

There is also a very interesting “code” in very first words of the Bible in Hebrew in Genesis 1:1. The very first letters of the Hebrew Bible are “Beth, Resh, Aleph”. Those same three letters are repeated in the second word in the same order. “Beth” is the first word in Ben for Son. “Resh” is the first word in Ruach for Spirit. “Aleph” is the first word in Abba for Father. The Trinity is encoded in the first four words of the Hebrew Bible. A youtube about that is: Jesus is Lord: Evidence in the First Bible Code - Genesis 1:1