Victor (28 Feb 2021)

Was the sign on 09-23-17 meant as a “Rapture Sign”? 

I think it was. For one thing many did get introduced to the rapture idea due to that sign. Some were exited. Some were disappointed. And some mocked with great boasting. But multitudes started talking about the rapture due to that sign. 

And there were also other ways that God very well may have confirmed 9-23-17 as His Rapture Sign. 

The encyclopedia on the internet lists the Greatest Aviation mystery of all time as the missing flight MH370. It is a mystery because the flight was a major commercial flight that just went missing. It is still missing as of 2020. No one knows where the plane is. It took off from Malaysia on March 8th, 2014. It was a Boeing 777. Notice the number 777. And the number of people that were on board that are still missing = 239. It was a Malaysia flight. And in Malaysia, September 23rd is written as 239. Did God give us a hint that 9-23-17 would be the great rapture sign which would signal that multitudes will go just go missing?

The winner of the 2019 NBA finals was also interesting. In those basketball finals, the Warriors and the Raptors played for the championship. Revelation 12 pictures the war against the child that would be caught up. At the end of the 6th game, the Raptors won. 

The word raptor and rapture are related words. They don’t just sound alike in English, they are related to the same root word in Latin. A raptor is a snatcher, (a bird snatching its prey), and rapture is to be snatched up. So just the fact that the “Raptors” won the NBA finals is very interesting. But it is even more interesting that they were playing the “Warriors”. 

And what does all that have to do with the sign of 09-23? Well the icing on the cake came when it was discovered that both the Raptors and the Warriors both had active players with jerseys 09 and 23. At times in the games both teams had 09 and 23 on the court playing. No other jersey numbers were ever duplicated on the court. 

Raptor #9 - Ibaka / Raptor #23 - Van Fleet = 923
Warriors #9 - Iguodala / Warriors #23 - Green = 923

Now that may be a coincidence. Or it may be God’s sense of humor in encoding that the great sign of 09-23-17 was in fact His Great Rapture warning. In light of all the other signs unfolding, I consider it a sign and a confirmation. God has a sense of humor.  Though the day has not come, wait for it. It will surely come. 

“In just a little while, He that shall come, will come, and will not tarry.” Hebrews 10:37

See YouTube: wow rapture signs