Max (28 Feb 2021)
"For your review"


Hi John,


I ran across your site searching for others who are helping people find the resources and answers to the time we are living in. I've just finished building the site linked below and have just began stepping out in faith to get the message given to me out to other followers of the Son of God, Jesus Christ ( Yeshua to our Jewish brothers and sisters).  I expect to "blow the dust" and any "chaff" off the message I have written to perfect it to measure up to the intent and purposes of the One who gave it to me.

The site contains the understanding and insights given to me at this time after I reached out to ask God to help me understand what is going on.  I was shocked at the dating available to understand, I had no idea, however that is not the primary message, just the facts as I see them.  I hope that does not confuse or distract anyone.  The primary message is that we may be within months ( 3 to 15?) of the rise of the 8th King and the escalating destructive events that will come upon the world and followers of the Son of God on earth, along with the natural disasters the come with that time period.  I have more info to post to the site.  I am reaching out to begin communicating on how to do the best we can to be sure to prepare our hearts, our lives and our resources to be available to help all in need for as long as we remain.

Thank you!

Thanks for sharing, Max.