Kathy S (14 Feb 2021)

I don’t remember if I’ve ever sent in something to post to you. I have check in on your ministry page since about 2010. Hope this is the correct way to send something??

I thought I’d share a Short Testimony & Word given. Wednesday 2/10/21, I heard the Lord say... I have a Word for you to take today. And it is IMPORTANT for it to be posted TODAY. Which was 2/10. 

Yesterday morning, Thursday 2/11, I was checking on Youtube prophecy channels to post on my ministry page. I watched Pastor Liberty’s video of Spirit Move Minstry. She was given a revelation about Noah. She read the scriptures pertaining to the prophecy given to her. Which tells that Noah was given a 7 DAY WARNING BEFORE the Rain began. And that would be on Our calendar time this coming up Feb 17th, 2021.

After watching that video... I heard the Lord say... REPOST the Word given the day before and tag that video with it. So I tested the Spirit twice to be SURE I was hearing correctly.

Again, The WARNING WORD given to me was on 2/10. The Lord said it was IMPORTANT to post THAT DAY! Scriptures tells us — one being in Luke 17:26... the last days will be as the Days of Noah. 

I am wandering “IF”... we ARE currently in the 7 DAY WARNING like Noah was given?? Because God wanted the WORD He gave me to be posted on the 10th. Then REPOST again on 2/11 With the video tagged that was posted on youtube 2/11 of the Revelation about Noah which was given to Liberty about the 17th. 

With the Lord wanting the WARNING WORD posted on the 10th...THAT IS EXACTLY 7 DAYS to the 17th of February!!!!

Here’s the Prophecy Video. I think can start around 13 minute mark. But all is good to listen. 



Word thru Kathy Senterfitt

Daughter TODAY is of the UPMOST IMPORTANCE to take this Word! We are beginning the BATTLE!  

The BATTLE LINES have been made. GOOD vs EVIL shall BEGIN NOW My Child! The World will begin to SEE Things the likes which has NEVER been SEEN BEFORE! Many eyes will be SHOCKED by WHAT they are about to SEE! And thru this, MANY eyes will be OPENED! Many shall FALL to their knees & CRY OUT to ME! And I will be here WAITING to answer their cry. But their Walk from this day FORWARD, will be a HARDER WALK to ENDURE! There will be MUCH Chaos & Destruction. Much TURMOIL & DEATH is about to BEGIN!

For those of you that have failed to PREPARE & Grow Close to ME in prior days... you will NOW have a MUCH HARDER Time to do this in the Troubled Times coming. It will take a much HARDER determination & commitment to Walk THE WALK. Because MUCH persecution of MY Children will ensue in the coming days. Your FAITH will be surely TESTED.


If you stay FOCUSED on ME, your Saviour, YOU CAN ENDURE! But it will get harder as the days go by if you are walking in the FLESH.

My Children it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT now to CONTINUALLY be Walking in the SPIRIT! And WALKING in HOLINESS! WHEN you do this... you are WORTHY in MY Eyes! And in the SECRET PLACE under MY Wing of Protection. NOTHING will come into your Life that “I” DO NOT ALLOW! Just KNOW... IF you are trying your BEST to be doing these... you ARE PROTECTED! And WHATEVER comes into your Life... is for a REASON to either bring you to WHERE I want you to BE; OR, to accomplish MY WILL & PURPOSES! You must TRUST ME! No matter “WHAT” comes in your Life... TRUST ME to get you thru it! STAY FOCUSED! You are NOT WALKING ALONE in your journey! I AM ALWAYS by your side. And WHEN the TIMES get TOUGH... I WILL then carry you, if you ASK ME to.

Many if not MOST of MY CHOSEN ONES are now struggling. Because they have little STRENGTH. They are TIRED & WEARY. It’s been a LONG ROAD for many of them. MY Children, your TIME of Suffering WILL NOT be in VAIN! It is ALMOST COMPLETE for you that have been SOLD OUT to ME, your Saviour; And have died to your FLESH! Your work here is almost complete. SOON & VERY SOON you will be called for DUTY!

But you will be:

... To DO the GREATER WORKS than I had done - As I have stated in MY Holy Word. What a TIME this will be! 

We are about to EMBARK on a TIME that has been waited on since the BEGINNING. Keep your eyes on ME to be WORTHY when I call you!

For those of MY Children that HAVE NOT Prepared & not been striving to Walk on the Straight n’ Narrow Path... which is Walking in the SPIRIT... NOT in your FLESH — WAKEUP!!! REPENT of the SIN in your Life! TURN AWAY from your desires of this World! If you DO NOT begin this NOW... the days coming... will be MUCH MUCH HARDER to PREPARE & grow closer to ME! Most will not be able to ENDURE it!

Many more of MY Children will continue to FALL AWAY! Oh how it BREAKS MY Heart! Please Children HEAR ME... If you DO NOT want to go thru some TERRIBLE events... PREPARE NOW! Get into MY WORD. GROW CLOSER to ME! You won’t regret it. BUT if you continue to stay LUKEWARM... you WILL regret that you DID NOT LISTEN to PREPARE! It’s your CHOICE Children. I give you FREE WILL to choose “HOW” you want to live! Just KNOW the ways of this World is about to drastically CHANGE!

Come to ME... NOW My Children. COME TO ME ... NOW!
  1. “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man.
In Christ,