Jean Stepnoski (28 Feb 2021)
"40 Days From 1-20 Is Complete On 3-1-2021: Purim Linked To The Code John Has Discovered?"

   Thank you John Tng for your amazing “Biden Code” post last week! I wondered when 40 days, a period of preparation and repentance, would be complete from high noon Washington, D.C. on 1-20-2021. The Joseph Biden Inauguration. Day 40, 3-1-2021, will be THE LAST DAY of Purim for those ending THE 3RD DAY of Purim according to The Torah Calendar for those countries (far back on the 24 hour grid, like Western China, Western Russia, and Africa). Here are some themes in the Purim story in the Book of Esther: King and Groom, Bride and Queen, Royal Wedding, Royal Marriage. Also Escape and Deliverance from evil and death planned by Haman, an Antichrist type. These match with Blessed Hope themes about The Wedding of the Ages of The Messiah as Royal King and Groom and His Royal Bride and Queen, and Escape and Deliverance! Is The Biden Code linked to THE LAST DAY of Purim in 2021? Then later on that day, 3-1-2021, the apostacia at The Midnight Hour for Israel? Is it possible we are that close? I wonder…


With Love and Shalom,

Thanks, Jean.