Fay (28 Feb 2021)
"John Tng re Bidden"


John - Incredible catch. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought you were a Torah Scribe ! I only know you are not a Hebrew Scribe because the surname "Tng" is a dead giveaway ! Telling us that you are, indeed, not Jewish. LOL. But, what you have studied and uncovered is exactly how the scholars approach the Torah. Catching the wisps and hints that are deeply buried in Almighty God's Word. You have a sharp eye for the finest detail.

I have linked your post below for those who may have missed it. I have re read it many times. And each time, my understanding of what you conveyed grows. I am not simply trying to flatter you.

Your study lays great weight to the fact that we have entered perilous times. The recent Equality Act discussion is a case in point. Why are so-called intelligent people even discussing these inane things? Why is it considered a crime to state one's belief that a man is a man and a woman is a woman? Why is there a battle royale going on about abortion? With the recent election of Biden - we are rapidly observing the onslaught of satanic views and laws. And your pick for the AC? You have never veered from this stance. It is apparent that you were right all along.

You have uncovered hidden secrets in the Bible. I will end with an obvious little quip.....we must all keep "biden' our time".

May God Bless you, John Tng. And all the Doves

Thanks, Fay!
May write more while we still have time. LOL!