Fay (28 Feb 2021)
"Donna Danna re Euthanizing in Europe"


Hi Donna ( and all the Doves),

If this article is true and not exaggerated - then this world has entered into dangerous territory. Not that we haven't already!! As well as the legalised killing of the very young (abortion) now, we have the elimination of the elderly. Legalised murder on both ends of the scale.

It got me thinking about the lessons to be had from the Book of Job. The devil was given permission to afflict Job but not kill him. I believe the devil has managed to coerce humans into killing each other, for time immemorial. Now - our world has reached such a fallen state - the devil has coerced humans into killing each other, even without the excuse of war. He has convinced people to kill off anything that is inconvenient. This is proof positive that satan's seed lives among us. Evil is evil. Passed off (in the media) as insanity. Or excused by stories of past childhood trauma. We cannot - and should not - make excuses for evil. It lives amongst us. It looks like us. But, is not us. Evil simply cannot be excused.

Such sorrowful times. Deeply distressing. I wonder just how long Almighty God's patience is going to last? When time runs out?

Donna's post linked below.

May Almighty God help us all.