Fay (21 Feb 2021)
"Time to SPEAK UP !"


The article in the link is spot on. Well worth your time.

We are all sick to death of the socialist agenda rubbish currently being spewed out. When Obama took power, I think everyone was blind-sided. Nobody wanted to vilify his policies immediately. Hey - he was the first black POTUS. Nobody wanted to be labelled "racist". Obama was a hugely popular choice....until he began showing his true colours. His hideous policies.

It is ENOUGH now. The abortion mill is simply unacceptable. The lies, deceit and bullying re BLM, Antifa etc., is simply unacceptable. The utter rubbish the Dems throw at the American people re Christianity...their disgusting attitude to Israel. UNACCEPTABLE.

We need to stand up and be counted. The same feeling is brewing in the UK. The STUPID vaccine rubbish. The "miracle" vaccine was supposed to serve to re-open our economy and allow us to see and hug our loved ones. Now - it appears that the "miracle" vaccine does no such thing. It changes NOTHING.

Biden is hurriedly scribbling out umpteen executive orders before the people stop him. We need to pray. Have courage. Complain loudly. This is no time for timidity.

I am FURIOUS. I hope you are too. We must let our voices be heard.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus.