Elliot Hong (28 Feb 2021)
"A Connection of Super Bowl and Purim & My Purim Experience"

Dear Doves:

Since I'm emailing this letter to John on 2/27 in Asia, I don't know what will occur in US on 2/27.
It's a strong possibility that something big could occur in US before 2/27(Shushan Purim) is over.
A while ago, Jimmy Lishman heard "27" as a closure.
John Lawler received the message that a big explosion will occur when the moon is in the top of it's phase.
Also a sister had a vision of a  block party which was held some time after Super Bowl.
While people were singing, dancing and exchanging gifts, there was a huge explosion in a distance.
Jews celebrate Purim as they enjoy parades and parties as below:
Thus celebrations of Super Bowl and Purim fit to Matthew 24:37-39.
It's 21 days from Super Bowl to Shushan Purim this year.
21 means Delay and Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin.
Byron Searle received the message that Judgment and Glory come at the same time.
A full moon has a dual meaning of Judgment and Glory.
To me, Charity's "5,6,7,Jesus!" fits well to this Purim if the counting begins from Tu B'Av.
Prophetically Tu B'Av represents the Marriage of the Lamb.
1: Av 15
2: Elul 15
3: Tishri 15 (Sukkot)
4: Cheshvan 15
5: Kislev 15
6: Tevet 15
7: Shevat 15 (New Year of Trees)
8: Adar 15 (Purim)
Since 8 means New Birth and New Beginning, "Jesus!" should be counted as 8.

On 3/6(2 days before Purim) in 2012, Netanyahu gave the Book of Esther to Obama as a gift in the White House.
I thought that it's a hint of God showing O is the modern Haman.
And if something big occurs before Shushan Purim is over, it'll eventually usher O to return to power.

Now I like to share my experience which is related to Purim. 
In late February of 2004, I went to Patmos to make a documentary film.
But first I filmed at Ephesus, then moved to Kusadasi to go to Patmos and there was no ship available in winter.
So I had go Cesme, then traveled through islands of Chios and Samos of Greece.
On the ship to Patmos, I saw the  beautiful full moon and filmed it.
But I didn't have any knowledge about Purim at that time, and later I learned that it was the Purim Full Moon.
Now I believe it's the Lord's design to send me to Patmos exactly on Purim.
It's 17 years from Purim of 2004 to this Purim, and we all know the importance of 17.
You can see the Purim Full Moon from 27:18 to 28:14 of this video.
If nothing happens by Shushan Purim, the next possibility is Adar 17(3/1) and Adar 22(3/6).