Doug L (21 Feb 2021)
"Natural man or supernatural?"

This world's (Satan's) system will always appeal to your natural awareness of what seems right. It will develop your natural man and your abilities to serve it's purpose and promises success if you fall in line and conform. Again, to what seems right.  But... God's ways are supernatural and only available to those who seek Him first and His come. You must first know Him and His Word, obey His commands and make right choices. Now... you can serve His purpose and please Him.  Then all "these things," the things He already knows you need... will be added to you.

First step is: deny yourself (how you have been taught - your understanding of this world and what you want) pick up your cross (consider your previous natural life....dead) and follow "only" Him by the Spirit and not by what seems natural. God's ways are higher than our ways - they are Super-Natural and that is.... Born Again Life.