Denis Hart (28 Feb 2021)
"The Biden Code"

John.  First, thank you for 24 years of faithfully posting letters from Doves!!  I look forward to reading the update each Sunday evening here in Canberra.  Your Biden Code letter was a true blessing (humbly placed at the end of the letters!!).  I was truly amazed at all the insights about the Biden Code.  There are too many great discoveries and pointers to comment on (still finding more after reading three times).  It is interesting that there is only one Joseph in the OT and just three in the NT.  We must be so close to the Rapture!!  The last three letters of Biden can be rearranged to END (Daniel is strong on the time of the END).  It does seem likely that Biden may not see out his term as President, leaving a gap for Another.  His name can be extended to (B) iden (tity). Revealing the Beast?  My middle name is John (given by my parents 70 years ago!!).  Thanks.  Denis in Canberra
Thanks, Denis!