Chance (28 Feb 2021)
"The New Holocaust"


Hello John and Doves,
Very sobering articles concerning data on deaths in Israel and the US following Covid-19 vaccinations.  The data is similar in both Israel and the U.S.  
Israel only has the Pfizer mRNA vaccine available.  The US have the Pfizer, Moderna, and now the Johnson & Johnson vaccines available.  Pfizer and Moderna are mRNA vaccines.
Dr. Herve Seligmann of the Aix-Marseilles University Faculty of Medicine Emerging Infectious and Tropical Disease Unit and Haim Yativ, an engineer, have presented their research and data analysis claiming that Pfizer's shot causes "mortality hundreds of times greater in young people compared to mortality from coronavirus without the vaccine and dozens of times more in the elderly, when the documented mortality from coronavirus is in the vicinity of the vaccine dose, thus adding greater mortality from heart attack, stroke, etc."
They used data from a Health Ministry Freedom of Information Act request.  And other sources for information:  VAERS - the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System database; the Israeli news site Ynet and the Israeli Health Ministry database. 
And they reported, in part - (more at the link)
"There is a mismatch between the data published by the authorities and the reality on the ground."
There were 3,000 adverse reactions to vaccines in January 2021.  2,900 were due to the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.
Mortality is 40 times higher than previous years.
They looked at 5 weeks of data.
"..vaccinations have caused more deaths than the coronavirus would have caused during the same period" - 5 weeks.
"Haim Yativ and Dr. Seligmann declare that for them, "this is a new Holocaust", in face of Israeli authority pressure to vaccinate citizens.
Data that Israeli and the US governments are using to show vaccine efficiency, actually shows the vaccine's adverse effects.
(above quotes from the following link)
Vaccination in Israel: Challenging mortality figures? - Israel National News
For the US:  "Postvaccination Mortality in the USA:  unusual proportion of deaths in reports on vaccine reactions from January 2021 -

"VAERS is the federal institution centralizing reports on adverse reactions to vaccines in the USA.  Data are not extensive and are limited to those reported to VAERS".
Inspection of these data across various years find consistent patterns in percentages of postvaccination deaths according to age classes.  For each year, there are tens of thousands of individual cases reported.
In January 2021 there were 2947 reported cases, an amount similar to monthly amounts reported in previous years.  Among these, 1980 were post-Covid-19 Pfizer and 954 Modern vaccination reactions.
In January 2021, 456 postvaccination deaths were reported, which is unusually high.  In January 2020, VAERS reports only 14 postvaccination deaths, and 166 deaths for the whole year of 2020.
Overall, percentages of deaths according to age classes for January 2021 resembles those observed for previous years.  However, the main difference is in the systematically much higher percentages of deaths, up to 150 times higher for age class 60 - 69.
This suggests highly dangerous adverse effects by mRNA-based vaccine technology as compared to classical vaccines.
(above quotes from the following link)
unusual proportion of deaths in reports on vaccine reactions from January 2021-הודעות של נקים
This shocking analysis does not end here. 
In their Israeli data, they found that among Covid-19 deaths in that time period, most were people who had been vaccinated for Covid-19!!!!
They go on to report that "the adverse effect of the vaccination process is most likely worse than what appears from the data at hand."  Due to the fact that only a low number of adverse reactions are actually reported and make it into the databases.  And the deaths due to cardiac events and atrioventricular conduction (AVC) that occurred after vaccination were NOT included in the Covid-19 deaths - this would double the deaths among those vaccinated!
They noted that even with the massive vaccination project going on in Israel starting mid-December 2020 - there was no decrease in serious, critical cases or deaths; in fact the number of serious, critical cases and deaths increased!
"It is unclear whether this was intentional to prove the vaccine's efficiency or if that was done erroneously because the provided data were misunderstood."
"The data in the table, rather than indicating the vaccine efficacy, indicate the vaccine's adverse effects," the authors concluded."
(above quotes from the following link)
Vaccination in Israel: Challenging mortality figures? - Israel National News
IMO, the reporting of 'how safe and effective' the Covid-19 vaccines are is purposeful deception to get everyone to take them.  And they lied about 'getting back to normal' if you take the vaccine.  There will be no 'getting back to normal'!
Facebook is removing all anti-vaccine comments/articles/links - why?  Why is Facebook so concerned about 'us'?  Facebook is calling anti-Covid19 vaccine comments 'misinformation'.  "Facebook said it works with public health authorities, such as the World Health Organization...Facebook and Instagram users will also not be allowed to post false statements about vaccines being ineffective at preventing the disease, vaccines being more dangerous than getting the disease, or vaccines being toxic, dangerous or causing autism.  Facebook said it will remove ads that contain those claims...."We will be enforcing this policy immediately..." 
Facebook to remove more false claims about COVID-19 and vaccines
The Covid-19 'vaccine' is dangerous and THEY know it.  That's why THEY are pushing this vaccine on everyone!  Part of their massive depopulation, sterilization program for their Great Reset/Davos Forum/World Economic Forum.  Pushed on the world by the World Health Organization, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and many others.
This is THEIR plan.
This is "the new Holocaust"!  
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!