Chance (28 Feb 2021)
"How Israel Is Handling The Covid-19 Vaccine And Will This Happen In America?"

Hello John and Doves,

BREAKING: Israeli govít to share names, personal info of anyone who refuses COVID vaccine | News | Lifesitenews

The Israeli government has passed a law "which allows the government to share with other authorities, such as local government, the details of people who have not taken a coronavirus vaccine.  The law is to "encourage" vaccination....Under the details of the law, the personal information of those who have refused the Covid-19 experimental vaccines would be collected and shared to relevant bodies by the Health Ministry."
This personal information includes names, addresses, phone numbers, ID numbers.  Who knows what these 'relevant bodies' will do with this information.  Probably some of this info is already available on the internet/phone book/etc.  And who cares if "relevant" bodies have this info - I see this becoming 'bad' when this info is attached to "hey, this person isn't vaccinated!!!  They don't care about the rest of us!" is leaked to the public.  I can see it being used for peer pressure, for doxxing people, for threatening people - leaking out this info - and using neighbors, friends, family, co-workers shaming/harassing people into getting this.
The Knesset believes this vaccination is a necessity.  So I guess anyway they have to get it done, they will.
This law is in effect for 3 months or "until the Covid-19 related state of emergency ends."
Over 34% of Israeli citizens have been vaccinated as of February 24.  Over 50% have had the initial vaccine only.
The Israeli government gives a "green pass" to people who have received all the necessary Covid-19 shots.  These people can go to "entertainment and leisure facilities" and don't have to self-isolate.  The pass is good for 6 months, but the vaccinated people still need to wear masks and social distance.
Israel's minister for health says "getting vaccinated is a moral duty.  It is part of our mutual responsibility."  He went further, declaring, "Whoever does not get vaccinated will be left behind."
The Knesset is also considering allowing employers the right "to refuse unvaccinated people entry into the workplace."
Dr. Fauci likes Israel's response to Covid-19.  Of course, he would.  The more draconian, the better.  Fauci is Biden's chief medical adviser.  And Fauci is in Bill Gates' pocket.
Probably won't be long until the Biden administration shoves this vaccine on all Americans.  With no moral objections allowed to aborted baby parts/cells used in the production of Covid-19 vaccines.  No refusal based on religious objections, previous allergic reactions to vaccines, to pre-existing health problems, etc.
No one even knows how long antibodies produced from the vaccine will last or if any will be produced in every person.  Or if the vaccinated person can pass the illness on if exposed.  No one even knows the effects on pregnant women, the very elderly, the very young.  No one even knows the long term effects of these vaccines.  No one knows who will have a bad reaction to the vaccine or who will have a mild reaction.  No one knows how many will die from these vaccines.  No one knows how many will be injured by these vaccines. 
Taking these vaccines is actually entering you in their 'massive experimental clinical trials'.  You will be helping them see what happens to people who take this....
They don't even really know how helpful these will be.  Does harm out weigh help?  There are way too many unknowns with these "vaccines" to be pushing these on people.  There were too many unknowns to have even released these under "emergency authorization"~ And Pfizer and Moderna's clinical trial results can not be proven and have not been tested independently.  They are on the honor system - with billions $$ on the line!
"Experimental" is the key word for this "vaccine" - which is not a vaccine like we are use to - it's really "gene therapy" -  it is introducing viral genetic material with a soup of bad ingredients into the human body.
What could possibly go wrong???
Will their be enough of an uproar from the American people who refuse to take this to prevent what's happening to Israelis happen here?  The NYPost is reporting survey results in a 2/1/2021 article, that 51% of Americans will refuse or delay taking the Covid-19 vaccine.  Some are waiting for results on "the vaccine's effectiveness and side effects before making up their minds."  Just not enough information has been released.  "US residents living in rural communities and identifying as Republicans remain among the most hesitant in getting the shot, the survey found."
51 percent of Americans would refuse, delay COVID vaccine: survey
We can see the Left/Communist Democrats going after the Republicans/Christians with this vaccine.  "...the Biden administration changed the timeline for mass vaccinations to May, June, or July.  Biden said, " the end of July we'll have over 600 million doses - enough to vaccinate every single American."
Biden Administration Changes Vaccination Timeline
Hoping THEY will not make this mandatory and will not use draconian methods to force people to take this.  But I'm not holding my breath....
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!