Chance (28 Feb 2021)
"Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting - It's Bogus"

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Something is terribly wrong....
On Monday, Feb 22, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced what it billed as the world's first global, "no-fault" vaccine injury compensation program for those who suffer what WHO described as "rare but serious adverse events"  associated with COVID-19 vaccines."  Who is paying for this?  "..this is a global consumer tax to pay for vaccine injuries, with no liability for vaccine manufacturers or the organizations that distribute them."  "What WHO fails to mention is the primary purpose of the program is to pave the way for massive distribution of vaccines by insulating vaccine manufacturers from liability for serious vaccine injuries - injuries that everyone agrees will inevitably happen....COVID vaccines in use so far have all been approved for emergency use only, which means they are still in the experimental stage.  It also means that injuries related to the vaccines are likely to be hard to prove, and sadly, also hard to treat."  The cut off date for compensation is June 30, 2022.
What Could Go Wrong? WHO Launches Global ‘No-Fault’ COVID Vaccine Injury Compensation Program • Children's Health Defense
This exists because they are seeing adverse reactions to this vaccine climb and they know this will continue to climb...and they don't want cases tied up in courts with the vaccine manufacturers or the distributors.  THEY want the vaccinations to continue globally with no interference.
"As the number of reported injuries and deaths following COVID vaccines continues to climb in VAERS, the CDC's official vaccine adverse event reporting system, social media users also point to Facebook posts by people who enthusiastically got the vaccine, but have since died.  "....As of Feb 12,   929 deaths, 616 life-threatening adverse events, 316 cases of permanent disability, and more than 5,000 hospitalizations and emergency room visits after COVID vaccinations were reported to VAERS, which is updated weekly. 
Facebook Posts Back Up VAERS Reports Linking COVID Vaccines to Injuries, Including Death • Children's Health Defense
"46 residents in Spanish nursing home die after receiving COVID-19 vaccine.  Health authorities have reportedly halted the administering of the second shot of Pfizer's vaccine."  Feb 15, 2021
46 residents in Spanish nursing home die after receiving COVID-19 vaccine | News | LifeSite
"Coincidence is turning out to be quite lethal to COVID vaccine recipients," said Children's Health Defense chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  "If the clinical trials are good predictors, the rate of coincidence is likely to increase dramatically after the second shot."  The clinical trials suggested that almost all the benefits of COVID vaccination and the vast majority of injuries were associated with the second dose." 
Government Database Shows 7,844 Injuries and 181 Deaths Following COVID Vaccine as of Jan. 15 says Children's Health Defense
According to a 2010 federal study....fewer than 1% of adverse events are reported to VAERS.  This means the numbers quoted above are WAY below what is actually going on. VAERS is a 'passive surveillance system' where professionals and individuals submit reports voluntarily.  (info in above link)
The CDC uses VAERS for their Covid-19 vaccine adverse reaction data.
Selected Adverse Events Reported after COVID-19 Vaccination | CDC
We are not getting the true picture regarding adverse reactions to these vaccines.  For example, Moderna's vaccine keeps popping up in the news with 'severe allergic reactions'.  But we are being told the vaccine is safe and adverse events are rare.  And we keep being told the systemic reactions are mild to moderate in severity and adverse events are rare to Pfizer/Moderna Covid-19 vaccines.  But the reporting system for this is woefully underused so cases are under reported - not giving us a true picture of what is really going on. 
And we've been told that the elderly will die after getting the Covid-19 vaccine, because they are old - not because the vaccine killed them.  But when the elderly were dying in the nursing homes - it was Covid-19, not because they were old.
People die after getting COVID vaccine, but not because of it

(396) Floridians file hundreds of COVID-19 vaccine side effect reports - YouTube
We should be wary of any studies on adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines especially when those in charge of the studies are doing this to demonstrate how safe the vaccines really are so more people will take them.  Such as this study being done by Canadian scientists.  We already know the results will be bias.
Vaccine safety study to examine adverse reactions to COVID-19 shots - The Globe and Mail
Good independent studies will be looking for adverse reactions to see if the vaccines are safe, not to show that the vaccines are safe.
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