Bob Ware (28 Feb 2021)
"The gematria of ‘BENJAMIN’ is 162 > the 162nd day of 5781 begins at the moment Purim ends at sunset on 26 February 2021"

The gematrias of the last three tribe names on the Breastplate are: 162 ‘BEJAMIN’, 395 ‘MANASSEH’ and 331 ‘EPHRAIM’. They total 888 which is the Greek gematria of 'Jesus'. As Clay brought to my attention several years ago, the last two tribe name gematrias total 726 which is Strong's Greek roster number for 'HARPAZO'. 395 is the gematria of the 11th tribe name 'Manasseh' and also the gematria of the 5th word in Genesis 1:1 (‘heaven’). 395 is the only gematria shared between the Breastplate and Genesis 1:1.


162 days have 3,888 hours > the Trinity and Jesus.


The 162nd day of 5781 starts with the end of Purim at sunset on 2.26.2021 and ends at sunset on 2.27.2021.


2.27.2021 will be 11 x 331 days since the 3.11.2011 earthquake in Japan that damaged the nuclear reactor and released the radiation into the Pacific Ocean.


By the time this letter is posted on 2.27.2021 will have already passed, but I feel that Purim is marked by the number 162 for a reason. As it turned out I had my vivid wedding reception dream on the day that Purim began.




Clay shared these anomalies tied to the number 162:


Yes, ultimately I think the Lord’s solution is very simple, perhaps as simple or easy to understand as 162.


162 is an age, a gematria, a stone, and also the distance (in 18” cubits) from the third deck to the escape window at 29 cubits in Noah’s ark.  Benjamin might be the raven, the first bird to go out the Ark escape window and does not return to Noah. 


Jared is 162 when Enoch his firstborn is born, Bible year 622. 


162 = Benjamin, the one True Blood Brother to Joseph/Jesus.

Stone 10; 10th prime = 23. 


Remember, Benjamin has Joseph’s Silver Cup but doesn’t even know it. Benjamin got five times as much food from Joseph’s table as his brothers. Benjamin was the youngest: the last becomes first per Christ’s command. 

(Genesis 43:33-34) etc


My notes:

If 2.26 = 226; then 113 (x 2) comes into play. Lamech 113 when Enoch is taken, 7th from Adam.