A Sister (28 Feb 2021)
"Response to Steve W"

Hi Steve,

Wow! I'm floored by your calculations! Thanks for your response. 

Just a few questions...

This year Passover starts on April 27/28th on the astronomical calendar. Could this be the time of the rapture? Was this the same day the Israelites put blood on the doorpost and the Angel of Death passed over?

Your response indicated Jesus died in the year 28. But, I understood He died on April 3, 33 AD (at least according to the astronomical calculations done in the movie the Star of Bethlehem.) Is this inaccurate? 

How are you determining your calculations? Are you basing them on astronomy? The Jewish calendar? The Gregorian? You seem to come up with the same conclusions each time, so are you thinking the 7 year tribulation could start on April 28, 2021 and go through 2028? Or did I misunderstand? Please advise. 

Thanks again! I appreciate it!

God Bless,

A Sister in Christ