1 Cor 10:31 (28 Feb 2021)
"Tng's article"

By 1 Cor 10:31


Hi Tng:  you asked, last sentence/question in your Feb. 21 letter/article.    The Secrets hidden in Strong's Numbers (fivedoves.com)


The door has been open since Nov 3, 2020 and the wedding invite sent. Are we ready?


READY!!!!!   I think, hope & certainly PRAY to be Luke 21:36  “counted worthy” to ESCAPE from all these things (which are to take place during the up & soon coming Tribulation) and to stand before the Son of Man!!!! 


Don’t think I could be any more “ready”!!


Having been a “watcher” for most of my life – yet even I was surprised” as I expect most watchers were --  to see the tsunami of – like you say – NEON FLASHING SIGNS this past year!!!!!!   Easy to guess that MOST OF US never ever ever expected – not in a zillion years – for churches being forced to shut down & pastors who are committing no “real” crimes being sent to prison (at least in Canada & in the U.S.)   B E F O R E   the rapture!!!    But the clever design of the enemy made that come to pass.  And unfortunately it’s but a shadow of things to come during the Tribulation for those who convert at that time.  ALL will be sent to prison – or worse – for preaching JESUS IS LORD & the Only Way to heaven!!!


Now it is time to go up, up, UP!!!!!


***  BTW, Tng, since you are a number cruncher &  mentioned how Biden was elected on the 3rd day of the 11th month in 2020 – I got to wondering could there be any significance in the fact that America was LOCKED DOWN (Corona)  on the reverse of those numbers??   On the 3rd month, 11th day!!   Just found that interesting. ***



Up, up & AWAY!!!!!!  Where evil cannot touch us ever again!!!!


Oh to be with the Lord in Paradise around SPRING TIME!!!!  (or before!!)


Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, not entered into the heart of man things which God hath prepared for those that love Him {ref: 1 Corinthians 2:9}….. but we’re getting ready to FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!


Our Homegoing will be soon!!  May it be so, Lord!!!!!!

Amen & Maranatha!!
Thanks. America's locked down date is interesting.