Garry B (23 Feb 2020)


Think of a map of the middle east countries with a chess piece on each country. The Sunni Muslim countries have green chess pieces, and the Shiite Muslim countries have red chess pieces. Israel has a white chess piece. We know that chess pieces cannot decide, on their own, when or where to move themselves. Therefore, it is the 'hand of God' who will move them when and where He wants to move them according to His will. God is in control of all the end-of-days scenario of events. The 'players' involved have no choice of their own according to :

Ezekiel 38:4

"I WILL turn thee back and put hooks in to thy jaws, and I WILL bring the e forth...." 

Ezekiel 38:16

"it shall be in the latter days that I SHALL bring thee against My land..."

It is not the decision for Gog-Magog to make as to when the attack on Israel will come. IT IS GOD'S DECISION, and HIS ALONE !  Remember this, when the armies of Gog-Magog attack and invade Israel, it is the 'hand of God' at work, and it is the last great sign for the watching Church that our rapture is the next thing on God's prophetic agenda.

According to Your Word, come Lord Jesus !