D Allen (23 Feb 2020)
"The Great Deceiver"


He deceived Eve and changed the world.

From Adam & Eve to you and me, he deceives each generation.

All that are made in the image of God are his target.

Whatever God/Jesus has told mankind to do is subject for Satan to deceive.

Yes becomes no, sin becomes good. Sin becomes legal and promoted and protected.

The Ten Commandments, all are changed and mankind rejoices as they drink from the golden cup with glee.

 The Bible is our only protection from the deceiver. It alone is our only guide, not men/women.

Great care must be used to compare commandments of God with those of men/women.

Each of us alone are the final one who will stand before God.

Did we obey Him or someone else, that will be the question.

Obey God or a man/women/pastor/priest ?

We should very carefully  look over our  beliefs to see who indeed we are obeying.

Why are we doing what we do?  Who told us to do it?

The above is what changed me, I found I was not doing what God Himself said to do.
I followed others without thinking if they were right or wrong.

D. Allen