Chance (23 Feb 2020)
"Coronavirus Updates and Alerts February 21, 22"


Hello John and Doves,

The Global Times has a "Real-time update on coronavirus outbreak". 

Here is the link to their February 22, 2020 update:
Real-time update on coronavirus outbreak - Global Times

WHO is leading a team of experts to Wuhan on Saturday, 2/22/2020.  (I don't expect much to be made public.)

Wuhan is planning to build another 19 'makeshift' hospitals. (Are their 'draconian' isolation attempts even working?)

Israel is reporting it's first COVID-19 case - brought to Israel from that Princess cruise ship.  (Hopefully Israel will do a better job with their cruise ship evacuees than the U.S. has done.)

(end info from global times)

I received two recent USAlerts today:

1)  US Embassy S.Korea issues Health Alert re dangerous incr in number of COVID-19 cases and warns community-based transmission is occurring. 

As of 5:00pm on February 21, the Korea Center for Disease Control has confirmed 204 positive cases of COVID-19 in the Republic of Korea, including one death.  This is a substantial increase over the past 48 hours largely due to a cluster of cases in the city of Daegu, which is located 148 miles south east of Seoul.  Authorities have confirmed that community-based transmission is occurring in Korea.  The U.S. Embassy in Seoul continues to closely monitor developments related to COVID-19 in the ROK.

2)  USGOV warns international repatriation flights SHOULD NOT be relied upon as an option by those under poss risk of quarantine due to COVID-10.

Supplemental Info:

The following is a partial transcript from a telebriefing held a short time ago by the CDC and U.S. State Department:

"Many countries have implemented strict screening procedures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This is a dynamic situation and U.S. citizens traveling by ship may be impacted by travel restrictions affecting their itineraries, or may be subject to quarantine procedures implemented by local authorities. While the USGOV has successfully evacuated hundreds of our citizens in recent weeks, such repatriation flights do not reflect our standard practice and should not be relied upon as an option by U.S. citizens under potential risk of quarantine by local authorities."

"We urge US citizens to evaluate the risks associated with choosing to remain in an area that may be subject to quarantine and to take all appropriate proactive measures."

"We encourage all U.S. citizens traveling overseas to enroll their travel plans in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program so they can receive important messages about their destination, including timely alerts and update to travel advisories."

While the message above was delivered in the context of cruise ships, the coronavirus outbreak has spread to at least 30 other countries around the globe. More than 200 countries have screening and surveillance efforts underway at airports, seaports and land ports of entry.

Regardless of your location, if you are identified by foreign authorities as a possible public health threat, you may be put into mandatory quarantine.

Caution is urged..


Official Coronavirus Information Pages


What is being done by the U.S. is only delaying the spread of this in America.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!