Bob Ware (23 Feb 2020)
"Trump and Obama linked to the last day of 5780 (18 September 2020)"

When the area of a one degree segment of a circle equals its circumference then the diameter equals the 1440 minutes in a day. I call this the ‘Circle of Time’. The circumference is 4524. 4524 equals the 2520 days in seven prophetic years plus 2004. 2004 is the gematria of the first five translatable words of Genesis1:1. A circle is created from its center point and its radius determines its circumference. The radius of the ‘Circle of Time’ is 720. 720 = 2 x 360. 360 is the number of degrees in a circle and the number of days in a prophetic year. I assigned each unit of measurement in the ‘Circle of Time’ to equal the passing of one day. I started with 1.1.2004 at the center and went up the radius line to the top of the circle and the date that fell at this location was 12.21.2005 (the Winter Solstice). A Star of David within this circle bisects this radius line at the 360th day which was 12.26.2004. That was the date of the earthquake and tsunami that killed approximately 240,000 people. From the end of the radius line on 12.21.2005 I counted off the days around the circle to the end of the circumference. The last day was 5.11.2018. From that point I went back down the diameter line counting off the days until I reached the last day of 5780 (9.18.2020).


There are 477 units of measurement (days) from President Trump’s Inauguration on 1.20.2017 to 5.11.2018 at the completion of the circumference of the 'Circle of Time'. 477 plus the diameter of 1440 equals 1917 when General Allenby took control of Jerusalem ending the 400 year reign by the Ottoman Turks. JFK was also born in 1917. 2 x 1917 is the sum of the four corners of my ‘Prime List’.


Strong's Hebrew word number 477 is 'Elisha' and it means: "God is salvation" (the great prophet who succeeded Elijah). Strong's Greek word number 477 is 'antithesis' and it means: opposition, that which is opposed. Hebrew word number 477 may allude to Jesus Christ (“God is salvation”) and Greek word number 477 may allude to the Antichrist (Obama) who is in opposition to Jesus Christ.


There are a total of 44 different words in the Bible with a gematria of 477. Obama was officially the 44th President, but Trump is the 44th different President. The 36th triangle number is 666. There are 36 Hebrew words in the Old Testament with a gematria of 477. The last is ‘trouble’. There are 8 Greek words in the New Testament with a gematria of 477. The first occurrence is in Matthew 8:8 and it means ‘enter’. 888 is the gematria of ‘JESUS’.


There is only one verse in the Bible with a gematria of 477. It is Numbers 33:45. It has 5 words with a total of 22 letters. 5 is the number for grace and there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Numbers 33:45 is the 4806th verse in the Bible. 4806 minus 3345 equals the 1461 days in one four-year Presidential term. (5780 minus 4806) x 2 = 1948 (the year of Israel’s rebirth).


In the following notes I used number base conversions which yielded values for: 'Jesus Christ', 'Barack Hussein Obama', 666 and 1939.

The diameter of each of the seven inner circles within the ‘Circle of Time’ = 480 which is the sum of the ASCII codes for 'Obama'.
The diameter of green circle from 9.18.2020 to the base of 'Circle of Time' = 580 which is the sum of the ASCII codes for 'Barack'. Each 180 degree arc of this circle equals 911.

The 580th minute of a day is 9:40 AM. 940 hexadecimal equals 2368 decimal which is the Greek gematria of ‘JESUS CHRIST’.
1.20.2017 to 9.18.2020 = 1337 days. 1337 octal = 735 decimal which is the sum of the ASCII codes for 'Hussein'.

Again, the arc from 1.20.2017 to the end of circumference on 5.11.2018 equals 477 days.
477 hexadecimal = 1143 decimal sum of the ASCII codes of 'Jesus Christ'.
1143 decimal minus 477 decimal = 666 decimal. 666 is the sum of the ASCII codes for ‘HOLY BIBLE’.
1143 decimal + 477 decimal + 477 octal = 1939 decimal. On 9.1.1939 Hitler started WW2 by invading Poland. It has been 9 x 9 years from 1939 to 2020. 99 is the gematria of the last word in the Bible (‘AMEN’).
1939 decimal = 793 hexadecimal. 793 decimal is the English gematria for 'BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA'. 793 is the 12th Star of David number and the 654th composite number: 12 + 654 = 666.


I hope we go home no later than 18 September 2020.