Seeker (25 Feb 2018)
"TBN, Huckabee and Jerusalem"

John and Doves,

TBN ( Trinity Broadcasting Network)  started out in 1973 as a fledgeling small Christian TV studio in Tustin, California ( near Anaheim) with scarcely any equipment and with a meager audience. They have grown to be a highly polished International TV organization ( also on the with world wide programming.  And now they have a studio right in Jerusalem, Israel itself. TBN can now project live programming from the capitol of Israel on Channel 40 anytime, if need be.
( California time: Saturday afternoons from 5--6 pm .... a one-hour program, hosted by former Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee ).

Now we all have a front row seat to the enactment of the Books of Thessalonians and also of the Book of Revelation......... "Every eye shall see Him"  Rev. 1:7.

Last Saturday ( February 17th, 2018 ) TBN televised their first edition from Jerusalem. They featured such guests as Dore Gold ( former ambassador to the UN) Pastor Mike Evans who led
Trump's FAITH Advisory Board of 20 notables to Israel that week ),
please see

Also featured were Jon Voight  (actor, very pro-Israel) and a tribute to Mr. Schindler of the movie
"Schindler's List" The view of Israel in the background was so wonderful to see.

Formerly, TBN was an all-religious station, much like having church services 24 hours a day.
In these more modern times, it has now included politics-politicians and political issues into the mix, being more relevant. Relevancy is good, as long as it isn't part of Revelation 17.

In order for us to become the "sons of Issachar" ( 1 Chronicles 12:32 ---" understanding the times") it would behoove all of us to keep our eyes on the horizon, like Gideon's 300 men.
(Judges 7:5,6.) 

Jacques Elul was right when he said, "Politics is the god of this age ".

Keeping my eyes on Jesus,