John B (25 Feb 2018)
"What are Spiritual Hosts of Wickedness in Heavenly Places?"



Last week I tried to arouse people from their Satanic induced slumbers with a post entitled “Stolen Love”. In that post I tried to alert people to the great Satanic deceptions that confront us every day but that few people see these deceptions or the extreme dangers that they present.......even to possibly including their personal salvation.

I am sure you all remember the story of the frog that was put in tepid water and never took notice of the fact that he was being cooked as the heat was gradually turned up. Satan has been doing this to humanity for centuries but has really turned up the heat appreciably since the age of technology has exploded.

If one who claims to be a Christian chooses with his or her free will to reject what God has told us in the bible whether it be the ten commandments, His stance on marriage, His stance on homosexuality or even in reference to my post last week....... His stance / description as to how the earth and the heavens are designed and laid out. If we reject, discount, ignore or just plain disagree with His teachings and then accept, cheer on or promote what man / Satan proposes instead …..are we truly Christians at all? If these so called Christians were to acknowledge what the world says is true and reject God's operating instructions found in the bible ….....would it really be any surprise when those so called Christians came before God and God said (as per Luke 13:27).......”depart from me, all you workers of iniquity”

Iniquity.... meaning wickedness and wickedness meaning acting or doing something with an evil intent.

As I described last week, God warned us and re-warned us that Satan would try to deceive us with false knowledge and false science. Has anyone hearkened those warnings? Very few.... because the deceptions are massive and on an unprecedented scale.

How can it possibly be..... that the demonic sun worshipers of the Middle Ages have won the race and have even convinced Christians...... to not only not believe the bible, but to not even believe their own eyes. It doesn't get any sadder or wicked or more deceptive than that.

It's so bad that people look up in the sky and clearly see two defined balls  (the sun and the moon) and then they proclaim the “company line” (repeat after me).....the sun is 93 million miles away and the moon 240 thousand miles away........stating this, without injecting even one ounce of common sense..... knowing quite well they can personally only see maybe a hundred miles. There's a better word than about we call this tragic.

It kind of reminds me of my ex-Catholic heritage where they always said, if they could catch the children young enough and have them drink the poison Catholic kool-aid (doctrine) for just a few years.....that they would be captives / cultists for life in that religion.

Science is Satan's religion and he has had us and our children drinking his poison science kool-aid ever since we walked into our first classroom.... and was then confronted with a Helios-centric devil.....the spinning globe.

There is a “partial verse” of scripture that I never really focused on until today which I will address below.

Most Doves I am sure are well aware of Ephesians 6:12 where God tells us that we do not fight against flesh and blood.....meaning against man with God made DNA.....but we do fight against all manors of evil. These evils God listed and wanted us to be especially aware of are principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this age, and spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Lets take a peek at who or what those evils are or may be.

Principalities ….. territories ruled by evil princes (kind of like how Gog controls Western Asia and has for centuries)

Powers.....a spirit or divinity (obviously Satan is not divine so I believe God was referring to evil spirits here)

Rulers of darkness of this age...... evil entities that control countries, nation states or whole areas of the earth (to me this would be like what we in America call the “deep state”, the demonic entities who are really in control, whose identities we are not directly aware of. They are the ones behind the curtains that have siphoned trillions of dollars from the US taxpayers for their “black-op” Satanic operations)

And then there's that “partial verse” that I referred to that I have never really focused on before...

Spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.....spiritual armies full of evil and evil intent that control or interact with the heavenly places or the skies above.

With what I wrote last week concerning NASA still fresh in my thoughts I certainly perked up when I focused on how God phrased the last evil group in Ephesians 6:12 that mankind is to be wary of ….Spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places.

So, “Satanic spiritual armies” ......being peoples or groups of people that are given over to Satan and his ways........ these people or groups somehow control or interact with the heavens above (like NASA)......and they are intent on doing all manors of wickedness to achieve their Satanic missions. And what is that Satanic mission again? To deceive / deprive / capture as many souls as possible from God's creation and prevent them from achieving a relationship with their creator.

How would / could these Spiritual hosts / groups of people pull this off?

By creating a complete parallel false reality of what earth is..... what it represents.... and what surrounds it. The Satanic groups that God listed in Ephesians 6:12 have I believe infiltrated all manors of the power structure on this earth. They control from behind the scenes..... governments, space programs (NASA, ESA) and all mass media. The only information that is disseminated to the people is information that will forward their evil mission / agenda which is to separate God from mankind. And in case you haven't noticed....and most haven't.....they have done and are doing outstanding job.

They have convinced us that we cannot believe our own eyes, that we can see and focus on objects millions of miles away...... they have convinced us that water does not seek it's own level....... that we are spinning / traversing forward at over a thousand miles per hour and are and have been for eons traversing through the universe at breakneck speeds yet somehow Polaris the north star above our heads has never changed it's location / position in the sky after all those eons. They have convinced us that we have evolved from primordial pond scum and the evil list of deceptions goes on and on and on.

These great deceptions are starring us in the face every day and are continually being promoted / demanded by those evil entities God shared with us in Ephesians 6:12.......yet there are only a few that dare raise their voices to cry foul.....the rest just go along to get along and certainly don't want to be looked at as belonging to the tin hat know the ones that would dare question “the Great Oz” and dare declare that the earth is flat.

I can't even get an Amen from the so called “bible enlightened” 5Doves community on this topic line.....God forbid they would step forward to attest to what the bible states and more to the point what daily physical reality dictates. I guess the false reality playpen that Satan has us in and the daily doses of Satanic NASA / CNN kool-aid is somehow stroking and soothing all the right brain cells.

Are you in some way not only going along with but also promoting this Ephesian 6:12 demonic agenda? Could you possibly lose your salvation because of it? The answer to that is way above my pay grade....... but certainly no one who comes before the Lord will want to hear Him say......”depart from me, all you workers of iniquity”......Depart because he or she chose unbelief or apathy or neglect, as in failure to read and believe His scripture and then to passively or actively promote Satan's story line instead.

What say you Doves.....will you sheepishly step forward and grasp God's words and the real physical reality or will you continue to go along to get along and continue to directly or indirectly promote the Ephesian 6:12 “company line”??????

Blessings Doves.........John B

PS...I normally don't ask for feedback on any of my posts on 5Doves but I am curious if this post and / or last weeks post somehow struck a nerve with you..... or, if you believe I need to install more and thicker layers of tin foil on my head?? I know it is not easy to confront / wrap your head around the idea that possibly most everything we were ever taught concerning earth and the heavens above has been a gigantic ruse..........but I believe you owe it to our wonderful Creator to at least consider this information as being..... “The Satanic false reality” from the master of lies himself.