Gary Rich (25 Feb 2018)
"Billy Graham : Greatest Evangelist of the 20th Century"

I am sure by now most of you have heard the news - that Billy Graham - the world traveling evangelist has gone home . I can only imagine the welcome Billy got when he stepped in heaven. Probably a big hug from Jesus and his smiling wife who was waiting for him to arrive . Billy Graham shared the Good News of Jesus Christ in over 185 countries , to 215 million people. Hundreds of thousands of people accepted Jesus as their Savior thru Billy's evangelistic crusades

On the BGEA website - they noted that he will be Layed in State in the US Capitol Bld from Feb 28 - March 1, 2018. This is a first for a private citizen . That the US Government is honoring a Christian evangelist at the US Capitol Bld is amazing, and exciting

I think in reality, his earthly death may be Billy's final evangelistic crusade . So many people around the world will hear about his life and ministry, and thus the gospel message of Jesus Christ. For me personally . Billy's encouragement to get out and share our Christian faith led me many years ago to step out and do evangelism witnessing. Myself and others now do a beach evangelism ministry here in Daytona Beach - sharing Jesus Christ with all the many tourists who come here year-round due to the sunny & warm weather

Billy Graham answered the call from God and spent his life telling everyone he could about the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. In every generation God needs new servants to tell others about the salvation message. Is He calling you ? Is it time for you to share Jesus with your friends, neighbors, co-workers and total strangers ?  Living your earthly life for Jesus is an exciting adventure . Consider the call, consider the challenge . Say " Yes " Jesus  - here  I am, SEND ME  !

have a blessed day,   Gary