Frank Molver (25 Feb 2018)
"re Wilkerson vs Trump, one a false prophet."

This video sent in last week misses the mark in a big way.
Though Wilkerson was an excellent pastor, non of his prophecies have yet to be fulfilled, Judgement has not yet fallen on America.

However Taylor's prophecy given several years before Trump was elected has been extremely accurate. We saw happening right before our eyes. 
So to call him a false prophet is ridiculous.
I realize Trump is unpopular, but so what, he is doing what he said he would.
I hope you realize that the media, who hates Christians, is the one pushing this hate.
To bad many Christians fall for it.

Now Mark Taylor seems to think that the US will never be defeated. That is his opinion, not a prophecy. We know that the US will eventually have to fall.
But it is glaringly apparent that it is not happening when many of us thought it would
So we need to get in touch with what God is planning, not what we are guessing.

It appears there may be a time that the US can be healed of many sins, we shall see.
Many of the hidden crimes will hopefully be exposed and judged.
You know, the ones we have brought up here for many years.