Fay (25 Feb 2018)
"This is Amazing Synchronicity"

Literally seconds after I had sent my post re God's amazing math - discussing frequencies, vibrations etc., I came across Pastor JD Farag's prophecy update for 18th February. Pastor JD talks about this very subject. The power of music and it's affect on us. This is a very, very powerful sermon. I can't emphasise this enough. So powerful that it freaked me out quite a bit. I'm still quite jumpy as I type. Praying the Name of Jesus and the protection that this brings.

Almighty God led me to this prophecy update directly after watching the other video clip on music, vibrations and brilliant math. I believe that we are being alerted that the frequency is changing.... or rather, has changed. An insidious evil has asserted control over the earth and we Christians have to be alert, aware and praying. Our prayers... our words... our worship, affect this frequency. Interrupts it... causing it to skip vital beats. This is why we are still here, witnessing and living in this demonic age. Our vibration is the total opposite to that of the devils. Our "song" is what draws Lord Jesus closer. Our words... our thoughts... our prayers. 

We must recognise the sheer, wonderful power we have been blessed with. It's functioning below the radar of our current reality, but when we all realise that it's there and it's strong and powerful - we will all start really using it. We need to sing our song often.... with confidence. We must wake up to the urgency now. There is very little time left.

Almighty Father God, we pray for Israel. Your land and your people, Israel. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Your Holy City. We pray for the soon return of our beloved LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ. We pray that you protect, guide and strengthen us all. We belong to you Father God. We are your children. We beg you to lift the veil from our eyes and minds. Empower us with understanding. Answering your call to the very best of our ability. We pray that we are doing what You have called us to do. We pray that You will be bringing this awful system to an end very soon. That You will rescue this sad and sorry world, very soon, from the clutches of evil. We love, worship and adore you, Father God and yearn to do so in fullness. In spirit, truth and pure, pure love. Your frequency of pure unadulterated love and light.

In Jesus' beloved Name we pray.

Mid-East Prophecy Update February 18th, 2018