Fay (25 Feb 2018)
"Harold re Enoch and the Devil"

Awww, shoot Harold - you got me! Of course you are right. I really do wonder when Satan loses the audience of God. Does his access end with the rapture? I understand, fully, that Satan serves a purpose and exists because of the ruddy Adam and Eve debacle. I also understand that the whole mess was destined to happen. I'm a great believer in the fact that this life is one giant test. That we are incredible, wonderful creations that need to be tested. Because of the "free will" clause that makes us free thinking individuals. We have to choose.

But... I also question Almighty God as to when enough is enough. When does that hideous demon lose his audience with God? It is apparent to me that it all depends on Israel. God's land and His chosen people. I am also resentful (carefully so, you understand) that Satan still has direct access to Almighty God. I know God has His reasons but I cannot help feeling bloody cross about it. I must hastily add that I bow before Almighty God's will because I know what happens when I don't !! It's NOT pretty. But.... I am jealous and resentful of Satan's access to God. He does not deserve it.

Just having a rant !

Blessings and peace to you too, Harold.

RE: Fay ("Enoch and the devil")