Elliot Hong (25 Feb 2018)
"Purim, Billy Graham and Obama"

Dear Doves:

This letter is a continuation from the previous letter about Purim.


As I suggested, a prior warning was given.

It's the passing of Billy Graham.

Amazingly this coming Purim is not only 8 years from the 8.8 Conception sign but also 8 days from the Billy Graham's death.

It was Purim when Netanyahu presented Obama a gift "The Book of Esther" in the White House on 3/8/12.

I thought it was the sign indicating Obama as Haman of the Last Days.

Obama visited the Church of the Nativity on Nisan 10, 2013.

I thought it's the prophetic sign for the future event.

Thus it's possible that Obama will enter Jerusalem on Nisan 10 this year and confirm the covenant of Daniel 9:27.

And in order that this scenario becomes true, the Rapture has to take place on or around this coming Purim.

The storm Noah brought the first decent snow in Philadelphia area, and it reminded me the victory of Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl.

The number of Noah is 8, and snow represents the white linen of the Bride.

Amazingly it's 14 days from the storm Noah's arrival to this coming Purim, and 14 means Salvation.

Prophecies of John Lawler's "in the top of its phase," Charity's "5,6,7,Jesus!" and Vincent Tan's $2.34 could be all fulfilled this time.