Doug L (25 Feb 2018)
"Warnings to "believers""

Why all the warnings then to "believers" - to 'return' to your first love - keep yourself unspotted from the world, be blameless, be holy, to him who overcomes, be faithful until the end. It's possible because He gave us His Holy Spirit. As we abide in Christ we are holy as He is perfect. God is both a rewarder and He corrects and punishes those who belong to Him. A rapture is for those who are alive at the time He comes for them. When he comes for His Bride - he choose who is worthy because He sees what is really in our hearts. Read (The Bible) about the guests invited to a banquet and what happened to those who just assumed the best seats. All were invited but not all were privileged to be seated next to the Lord. The Rapture is not a guarantee of salvation but heaven is.