David E (25 Feb 2018)
"Assassination of the 7th King"

Hello John


Please share with this the Doves.  These numbers may support the recent Rapture thesis presented by Reese.





 327-149+106-49+73-165= 143 (327=first full day of JFK murder.  149 is JFK BD.  106 is Abeís first full day of his assassination. 43 is Abeís BD. 73 is my projected first full day of assassination for Trump.  Day 72 is the projected day. 165 is Trumpís BD.

143-254=111 or 37+37+37  254 is the September 11th, 911.

 149 is JFK BD, 43 is Abe's, and 165 is Trump. And 143 is the 14th of March day 73. There are 37+37+37 days from day 327 to day 73. Day 254 is 911. Day 73 is March 14th 3.14 the circle is complete the 8th king revealed.

1776 or 888+888, its been 242 years and 242+224+422=888. There were 38 full days after the last presidential assassination to the New Year. Novus Ordo Seclorum or a New Order for a New Age. Behold your 8th king: 1776+ day 185 July 4th = 1961 the year the 8th king was born. Add the 4th of July to 1961+47=2008, the year the 8th king was elected. And the Towers of 911, the 666th triangle, 222111/2001=(37+37+37) or the days after 911 to the New Year. And the new tower? 1776 feet tall with a 408-foot minaret. 4th of August is day 6*6*6, the day the 8th king was born. There are 6*6*6 days from 911 to the day Abe died. Form Abe's death to the 8th kings birthday there are 37+37+37 days.

Days after BD to New Year:  Abe=322, JFK=216, and Trump = 200.  200+216+322=738 or 6+66+666.  Note JFK=6*6*6, 322 backward is 223 and the 223rd triangle as an image of 666. And donít forget the George Bush Skull Bones Society 322.


And 322?  The 223rd triangle is 24976.  Divide that by Trumpís BD of 14.06 =1776.39.  And day 223 is 8-11 and 11-8 is day 313 Trump election day.  There are 6*6*6 days between day 313 and Trump BD 165.  And day 322?  11-18, 1118.  149 days remain after Obama BD.  JFK BD is day 149.


Reeseís 4-11 day 101. 411+114+141=666.  101+153=day 254, 911.  Trump election day 313 to day 101 is 153.   216-101=115. 115+151+511=777.


There seems to me to be a clue to Revelation 13:18, is it being two things at once? 13*18=234.  234+432=666.


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