Clay Cantrell (25 Feb 2018)
"Great Persecution is Coming"

Readers - 

I have posted many dreams and visions on this prophecy web site. Almost everything that God has shown me has to do with the USA in some way. The only exceptions being Russia, England and Israel. This is probably because I live in the USA. 

The Lord spoke to me clearly about 10 days ago and this is what He said: 

Great persecution is coming to Christianity”. It will be an assault.”

Though He did not mention the United States, I clearly understood Him to mean the USA.

He did not say great persecution was coming to “the Church, the Believers, the Body of Christ” or any other such wording. He used the umbrella term “Christianity”, and why that is I’m not sure. 

The emphasis word “assault” was also clearly heard.

Should you pray about this, and pray for the United States, wherever you are and whoever you are, perhaps the Lord will tell you other details about it. 

Jesus is Lord.