Bob Ware (25 Feb 2018)
"The next most heavily marked day in my work is the 28th of March 2018"

Starting with the last prime number of the ‘Prime Cube’ (941) I added 941 days to 5.14.1948 which brought me to 12.11.1950. From there I continued adding the prime numbers in reverse order through the ‘Prime Cube’ and then up to the start of the ‘Prime List’ (1). When I got to the center of the ‘Prime Cube’ (467) the sum of those 26 prime numbers equaled the number of days from 5.14.1948 to 9.11.2001. From that point the next eight prime numbers, to the top of the ‘Prime Cross’ (431), equaled the number of days from 9.11.2001 to 6.27.2011. 6.27.2011 was the 888th day in office for Obama. 888 is the Greek gematria of ‘JESUS’. From there the sum of the next 17 prime numbers ending at the first corner of the ‘Prime Cube’ (79) equaled the number of days from 6.27.2011 to 1.21.2017. On 1.21.2017 Trump completed his first day in office. The sum of the remaining 22 prime numbers to the top of the list is 713. 713 is the prime number gematria of ‘JESUS CHRIST’. 1.21.2017 plus 713 days will be 1.4.2019.


From 1.21.2017 to the 16th prime number (47) the sum of those seven prime numbers equals the number of days from 1.21.2017 to 3.28.2018. When I started the ‘Prime List’ with the completion of the Revelation 12 sign on 9.23.2017, and assigned the continuous days through the entire ‘Prime List’, then 3.28.2018 fell next to the 187th prime number 1109. 187 minus 16 equals: 171. The 171st prime number is 1013 which is the prime number gematria of ‘LORD JESUS CHRIST’. 171 + 1013 equals: 1184 and 1184 x 2 equals the Greek gematria of ‘JESUS CHRIST’ (2368). The sum of the three prime numbers: 47, 1013 and 1109 (2169) minus the sum of their three placeholders: 16, 171 and 187 (374) equals the sum of the ASCII codes for the three words: ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ (1795).


The second date in the list up from 3.28.2018 is 6.20.2018. That is the last full day of spring. The sum of the first four prime numbers in that 14th row is 2368 (‘JESUS CHRIST’). If the rapture occurs in the spring, this would be the last day before we are taken.

The top right corner of the ‘Prime List’ is the 245th prime number 1549. The second Blood Moon eclipse of the last Tetrad occurred on 10.8.2014. It will be 1549 days from 10.8.2014 to the last date of the series ending at the top of the ‘Prime List’ in the top left corner (1.4.2019). 1.4.2019 will be 3636 days since Obama was first inaugurated on 1.20.2009. 3636 + 888 equals the circumference of my ‘Circle of Time’ (4524). 3636 is the sum of the four points of the overall cross of the ‘Prime List’ (113 + 673 + 1091 + 1759) where 881 is the center point.  When I placed the 44 different Presidents’ names into the ‘Prime Cube’ Obama’s name falls at this center point. It is the 153rd prime number 881.

My second attached diagram (the circle diagram) is based on the dimensions of my ‘Circle of Time’ where the area of a one degree segment equals the circumference (4524) and the diameter is the 1440 minutes in a day. I started at the bottom of the vertical diameter line with Rosh Hashanah 5773 (9.6.2002) which spanned the majority of 2003 (the last number on my ‘Prime List’). I then counted off the 1440 days to the top of the circle (8.16.2006).

Obama’s first day in office (1.20.2009) fell 888 days from the start of the circumference on 8.16.2006. Another second step of 888 days takes you to 6.27.2011 which is the date at the top of my ‘Prime Cross’ in my attached ‘Prime List’ file. 

The gematrias of the Breastplate are a major part of the design. The length of the arc from the top of the circle to the last day of the 304th Jewish calendar cycle (10.2.2016) is 3700. 3700 is the gematria of all 12 tribe names on the Breastplate.

I believe all of these anomalies can not be coincidences. I will be watching 3.28.2018 for an event that may tell us that Jesus is very close to taking His children home.