Joseph L (26 Feb 2017)

Hi John

I would like someone to clarify the issue of the date of Pentecost 2017. I have always understood that the biblical new year comes in Nisan or what is also known as Abib. Now the month of Abib always comes when the sun is moving in the constellation of Aries. To be more specific, Nisan starts when the new moon appears whilst the sun is going through Aries.

The next time the sun will be in the constellation of Aries will be sometimes after the mid of April/May 2017. This means that the month of Nissan will begin sometime after mid April 2017 and the 14th of Nisan (which is Passover day) will happen in early May 2017 (around the 5th of May 2017). If the Passover happens around the 5th of May 2017 then it will not be possible for Pentecost day to be in June 2017.

There must be at least 99 days between Passover and Pentecost. This means that Pentecost must at list happen in the 15th day of the 5th biblical month counting from Nisan. This brings us to around September 2015. So Pentecost will be in September 2017.

If anyone says that the rapture will take place at Pentecost, this will mean that the rapture will take place sometimes in September 2017.

Come Lord Jesus come.

Joseph Lebooa