Gospel tracts are simple and effective way to share the Gospel. I heard one statistic which found that 60% of the people who get saved do so by reading a tract or book. Iíve also heard that a tract handed to one person eventually reaches 7 different people

A final note before we get into the top ten list Ė we believe that it is best to operate within local ordinances and laws when sharing the Gospel. If you canít pass out tracts in a certain area because of regulations then find an area close where it is allowed. And as an example - in Volusia County, Florida built into the city code is an ordinance allowing the distribution of christian material such as tracts

Now, here are the top ten ways to share Gospel Tracts.

10. Pass them out to people in Parks and walking down busy streets.

9. Hand them out to people going into a Concert (Rock, Country, etc.).

8. Many communities have festivals or fairs; State fairs, County Fairs, Local Festivals, or Flea Markets and these can be great places to share Gospel tracts with people.

7. Parades. People waiting for a parade to start are often bored. You can walk down the street and pass out tracts before the parade and they will be more likely to read them because they have nothing else to do. If the parade is going on they still may read it during a lull of the action or they may pocket it and read it at home later.

6. You can leave them in magazines that are being sold in grocery or department stores.

5. Leave them in the waiting area of your mechanic or oil change center along with the magazines as your vehicle is being worked on. That way as someoneís car is getting fixed their spirit and eternal destination can be fixed as well.

4. As people are entering a sporting event you can pass out tracts that have testimonies of players from that sport. 
For example, at a baseball game pass out a tract about Mickey Mantle, at a football game you could pass out tracts about Reggie White or Deon Sanders. Since the tract is about a player from the sport they are attending people will be glad to receive them and not reject them.

3. Even though phone booths are getting harder to find in these days of cell phones there are still a few out there and I know of at least 2 people who got saved by reading a tract in a phone booth. So if you see one, leave a tract there for someone to discover.

2. Leave them with your tip at a restaurant. The key here is with a generous tip. Donít leave it in place of the tip - that would be a bad testimony.

1. And the number one way to share a Gospel tract is to simply hand them to people you come in contact with. Keep them in your car, purse or pocket and as you encounter people you are ready to give them one. This can be to the workers at fast food restaurants, parking lot attendants, toll booth operators, bank tellers, etc. And my favority is passing out tracts on public beaches. Of course it helps to have warm weather and the sun shining 

Every Christian believer in Jesus Christ has been Called to be a soul winner for God's Kingdom. Using gospel tracts is a very effective way to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Start winning lost souls for our Lord Jesus today !
Have a blessed day,  Gary