Elliot Hong (26 Feb 2017)
"This Coming Purim"

Dear Doves:

If nothing happens on the new moon of Adar(2/26), we should watch very closely for this coming Purim.

In the previous letter, I suggested several points why this coming Purim could be a strong possibility.


Obama visited at the Nativity 4 years ago on 3/22 which was 10 days later from 3/13.

3/13 is the last day of this coming Purim.

If something big occurs on this Purim, it's possible that Obama comes back as Haman in 10 days.

According to Esther 3:7, in the month of Nisan, they cast Pur before Haman and got the twelfth month, Adar.

Could Obama's visit at the Nativity on Nisan 10, 2013 be compared with Esther 3:7?

Could 4 years from 2013 to 2017 be considered as 4 years(3+1) of the barren fig tree parable?

No one knows the day or the hour, but we all know it's very close.