Ola Ilori (28 Feb 2016)

This is just more confirmation that our time here on earth is almost up!

A Sister in Christ posted the following in the comments section on a channel on Youtube:

"Hi Brother Chad my name is Stella. I'm Mexican and I'm living here in Mexico City. In my Country there are few places that talk about the Rapture and even less about the End Times. It's so sad because the people do not have this responsibility we feel of having our lamps daily filled with oil. 

I wanted to share something that happened to me on the 8th of February 2016. I've never had a vision like this before. I know some will say it's not true or I'm crazy. I believe, however, that God always confirms in our spirit His messages and I know it was from Him. 

My Mum's 74th Birthday was on the 8th of February. She is very important to us because she gives us a lot of support and security. She also strengthens our faith and is an example to me and my 3 daughters every day, since I'm divorced from my husband, who is an alcohol addict. 

I was praying to the Lord with all my heart for Him to continue to give my Mum life, health and strength from now until He comes for us. We want her to go with us in the Rapture and not die before that Day, if it's God's perfect will. 

So on the night of the 8th of February I had a vision in which I appeared to be taking a tour of our house and our business, which is a kindergarten next to our house, where we both work. 

In the vision I was flying ...I could see that the house and kindergarten premises was quiet and abandoned. The grass had overgrown and the leaves had fallen from the trees and were blowing all over the garden...I went into all the classrooms and even though everything was still in place, they were all completely empty. My spirit knew it was February of next year 2017. I believe the Lord was showing me that we'll be going home before February 2017. And that He didn't want me to worry about my Mum getting any older. 

In other words, my Mums birthday on the 8th of February 2016 will be her last birthday on earth before she receives her glorified body...I really believe we're going to our heavenly home very soon."