Mary Adams (28 Feb 2016)

I was so happy to read that Queen Elizabeth has written a book that is to be out soon in which she talks about the King she serves, Jesus Christ.  It is to be published in April, marking her 90th birthday.   I hope to obtain a copy, as I have memories of looking at this picture of her and her sister stand with their Queen and King mother and father on the palace balcony, waving encouragement to the crowds below during the dark days of WWII.  I was 8 at the time. For most of you reading this, you were not yet even born during that awful era. 
Time.  It goes by us so swifty, we hardly pay attention to it until we reflect on the past.  But even when we do that, it does not stop fufilling the Divine Plan that was set in motion when God once spoke it into existence. 
I can look at my body, and at the exact second I do, its cells are dying right in front of my eyes. But I am not wanting to focus my thoughts on that aspect of  death and dying. Like most people, I look the other way, and NOW is what is important.
So why am I writing this to you, my friends?  Because it is important to me to share my thoughts with you, as the Lord leads me to do so. 
You see, this world is experiencing drastic changes also. It too is in its final days, just like Queen Elizabeth and myself as well.  Her England is no longer what it was when she stood on that balcony as a teenager.  It is now fast being overtaken by Islam.
 Our America is about to witness the same fate.
The joys of stability and confidence I once had in its democracy are like the cells dying in my body.  Where “in God we trust” envoked a pride and “So help me God” sealed our sworn word, we now see contempt.  There are schools that no longer teach our children the pledge of Allegience.  Colleges and universities have mostly become places to indoctrionate the minds of our children to  become athesistic and immoral. Sexual gratification is the only air many breathe, who no longer confine it to marriage, but openly live immorally in defiance of any spiritual deterrment.  Trust is no longer guided by principles, but has become a word easily minipulated by deception.
As the Queen’s book is about to be released, it tells us another story that is not written inside.  For the question is being asked: why now?  Why is England only now being told that all along, the King she really served was Jesus Christ.  Many are already asking that question, for they saw her only as a living royalty, a continuation of the monarcy, with its pomp and pride---a living British fairytale, head of the Church of England. But  I never  before read that she openly spoke of identifying her “King” as Jesus Christ, until now.  Is it because she sees the door of death beginning to open or Great Britian becoming totally an Anti-Christ nation?
America’s book is also being released.  Today, the political cry we hear is for America to be restored back to its greatness. Sadly, that degree of “greatness” is defined according to our degree of wealth and military power, our “freedom” as being able to do whatever one wants to do, with little or no consequences attached. Our “royalty” is the god of materialism. But what a surprise if and when one reads THE GOOD BOOK and learns what it was that made us great, and what was “lost” that must be restored: those days when Jesus Christ was recognized  and openly acknowledged as our King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Time is fast becoming history, as always.  If the world does not turn from its wickedness, then we too have already arrived and stand facing a door whose hinges are fast closing.
Whether we be young or old when it finally happens...