Luis Vega (31 Jan 2016)
"THE TRANSIT OF MERCURY - Prophetic Pictures of the Purim Blood Moon"


Prophetic Pictures of the Purim Blood Moon


by Luis B. Vega for online PDF illustration in Chart section

‘But I do not consider my life of any account as dear to myself, so that I may finish my course and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify solemnly of the Gospel of the Grace of GOD.’ – Acts 20:24

The purpose of this study is 2-fold in the since that several major celestial occurrences will highlight the Year of Light, 5776. The only Feast of YHVH that falls on an eclipse in 2016 is Purim on March 23, just after the Spring Equinox. More specifically it will be a Blood Moon although a Penumbral type. This celestial occurrence is based on the Jewish or Hebrew calendar. The other major celestial event is the Transit of Mercury on the 9th of May in 2016. This event appears to initiate an amazing array of planetary alignments for the month of May. Could this season in the Spring of 2016 pertain to an event or events to occur of prophetic significance? Could this be the time that the world financial systems finally collapse or when facets of World War 3 are to be initiated?


By far these celestial events will be the highlight of the year as it might mirror an amazing array of events on Earth no doubt. Such planetary alignments are said to intensify the bond and energies associated among the alignment. Thus what normally would occur on Earth as a prophetic parallel perhaps will be all that more immensely intensified as there has not been such a planetary alignment is recent memory. In fact, from the May 9, 2016 Transit of Mercury to the end of the month, the Solar System will have a double alignment. The planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Jupiter along with Pluto will configure a Celestial Cross. At the same time, the 7 remaining heavenly bodies of Venus, the Sun, Mercury, the Moon, Earth, Mars and Saturn will comprise an alignment upon the ‘celestial cross’. This study will attribute this alignment as a ‘Menorah’ pattern and typology in the illustration with the Moon being the fulcrum. 


Will something very significant or prophetic occur from mid-March to the end of May pertaining to the Church of Jesus Christ? This Transit of Mercury does take place in-between Aries and the Pleiades. As to the Transit of Mercury, the planet Mercury has the fastest orbital duration around the Sun of all the known planets in the Solar System with only 88 days. This means that at least 3 times a year, Mercury passes in-between the Sun and the Earth. However, the orbit of Mercury is such that a direct alignment is rather rare as it occurs about twice in a given decade. This Transit of Mercury can only occur in the months of May or November. It is at these times when all the heavenly bodies involved synchronize to the same possible point to produce this transit of Mercury across the Sun from Earth’s perspective.

The last Transit of any of the planets occurred in 2012 with the spectacular Transit of Venus. Because of Mercury’s faster orbit around the Sun, they are more common than those of Venus. According to research, the Transits of Mercury have been observed since the early 1600s by Astronomers. In fact, one of the effects of such Transits had helped determine the whole scale of the Solar System. It is little known for example that a primary scientific goal of the English Captain Cook in 1769 was to observer the Transit of Venus from the South Pacific.

This Transit took place in Tahiti during his 1st voyage on the HMS Endeavour. The next Transit of Mercury will occur on November 11, 2019 (11-11). The Transit of Mercury on May 9, 2016 will be visible at first contact around 11:12 UT and last around 18:42 UT. At that time, Mercury will cross the disc of the Sun from left to right at a diagonal. The whole Transit will be visible from most of the Americas and Western Europe. Only within a north-south belt from Manchuria to Australia will the whole duration be invisible. Will the visible crossing of Mercury across the Sun from Earth’s view-point signify anything pertaining to the inference of the god Mercury and what he respresents?

The God of the Mark
The planet Mercury derives its name from the God of Money, the Messenger but also the God of the Thieves that guides the souls to the underworld. He is the one that has the Talaria or the winged shoes and hat called the Petasos. What is particular about this ‘god’ is that he carries the Caduceus. This is an encrypted motif that signifies many things. It is called the Wand of Mercury or of Lucifer. It is rather interesting that in the ancient record, there was a cult religion that worshipped this god Mercury and a festival was honored in his name called the Mercuralia, in the midst of May.

During those days the merchants and high priests would sprinkle water on the ships and people for good fortune. This act of worship and veneration is much like the Roman Catholic priests sprinkle the supposed ‘holy water’ on objects and people for the same reasons. The Caduceus is where the dollar sign ‘$’ is derived from and in some versions there is a double bar signifying the double DNA helix as this motif of has 2 interwoven snakes and is used as the symbol of the medical profession. Many people believe that is some form, this motif of the god Mercury will be the bases for the Mark of the Beast system. The Caduceus incorporates 2 of the prime elements that the Beast system will also be based on; the medical and financial records with a DNA biometric ‘fingerprint’.

To the occult and in some mystery religious schools from Babylon, this god is attributed to being a type of Lucifer. Thus will such a time as Purim on a Blood Moon or the Transit of Mercury that initiates the Planetary Alignments signify a possible advancement and intensification of prophetic events? Is this when the world’s financial order will collapse and a new monetary order is to be initiated? Or will some engineered event be unleashed that will advance the Luciferian agenda of their New World Order in some way? Such possible scenarios are suggestive but based on present trends, such events have been but preludes to what the Bible foretells will occur at some point. Based upon one Jewish calendar, the Passover in 2016 is on April 23rd. It is 16 days to May 9th when the Transit of Mercury begins.

What is unique about this year of 2016 is that Purim is on March 23, the exact time a Blood Moon occurs, although it is a Penumbral and not all the entire Moon surface will be eclipsed. It will be 120 days out from the Super Blood Moon of September 28, 2015. A total solar eclipse occurs 14 days prior on March 9, just 13 days from the Purim Blood Moon. Specifically, Purim begins in the Hebrew Calendar on Wednesday evening, March 23, 2016 and continues through Thursday night, March 24th. It will be the first full moon after the Spring Equinox as well. Purim on the Hebrew calendar will be exactly 30 days prior to the Transit of Mercury,

On the Hebrew calendar Pentecost is on June 11th, some 80 days later. 1 lunar cycle. However, the Christian Pentecost and alternative date from the Hebrew calendar is on May 15, 2016 just 6 days after the Transit of Mercury. Based on where the Transit of Mercury occurs against the backdrop of the Cosmos, it can possibly lend a clue as to its prophetic significance. This Transit of Mercury occurs in-between the constellation of Aries the Ram and the Pleiades of Taurus. The following are the dates in which the prior and future Transits of Mercury occurred and will.

   X                      X                               X           X                                                 X

2000             2005             2010          2015           2020           2025             2030                2035

       .             .                 .      .                         .

Date (mid-transit)      Start (UT)       End (UT)

2003 May 07               05:13               10:32

2006 Nov 08               19:12               00:10

2016 May 09               11:12               18:42

2019 Nov 11               12:35               18:04

2032 Nov 13               06:41               11:07

2039 Nov 07               07:17               10:15

2049 May 07               11:03               17:44

2052 Nov 09               23:53               05:06

Other observations have to do with the span of time of the Blood Moon on Purim and the Transit of Mercury; both appear to be subject to the phi ratio of time. For example, the Blood Moon on Purim will be in approximate phi ratio to the Blood Moon of September 16, 2016 and the Transit of Mercury. The Jewish observance of Pentecost or Shavuot on June 11th will be exactly in-between the total solar eclipse of March 9, 2016 and the Blood Moon of September 15, 2016 with 66 days each span of time from Pentecost. The Transit of Mercury will be in approximate phi ratio to the Blood Moon of Purim and the Jewish observance of Shavuot or Pentecost starting at sunset.

The point is that such celestial events could be a continuation of the prophetic Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars in these Last Days. Such synchronicities could be painting a picture of what the LORD is accenting in terms of possible prophetic implications that are to manifest on Earth as they are in the Heavens. The following section will be discussing the prophetic significance of the constellation of Aries as taught by E.W. Bullinger. This middle section of the Mazzaroth begins with the Goat dying as a sacrifice and it ends with the Lamb living again, ‘as it had been slain.’ It is a cosmic picture and narrative of Jesus’ work for the atonement of Adam’s fallen race due to sin.

Aries (the Ram)

The goat had the tail of a fish, indicating that his persona had a dual nature, both GOD and Man. As in all the major constellations, this study suggests that the proportion of the design encompassing the various star that make up the Sign are in phi ratio proportions to each other. This is the case with Aries in that the start Mesarthim is in phi ratio to the star Hamal and Ari 45. According to the interpretation of E.W. Bullinger, each Sign ends up with the victory and triumph of Jesus Christ that literally personifies and fulfills each Sign. Foremost the victory of Jesus rests in His Atonement made by His blood on the cross of Calvary. This Sign is the reminded of the Blood of the Lamb that needed to be given for the remission of the sin of Humanity. This typology and imagery echoes the bloody coverings YHVH had to provide to cover the bodies of Adam and Eve with.


Based on Bullinger’s further research, this Lamb of YHVH in the ancient times, as with Egypt was depicted as the Tametouris based on the Denderah Zodiac. It signified a total dominion, reign and of a righteous government. The Lamb depiction was without horn in contrast to Capricorn. The Sign in Hebrew is called Telah, the Lamb. In Arabic it is Al Hamal for which one of the stars is named after but is not the main star as many attribute to it. In the ancient Akkadian version, this star was called Bara-Ziggar which means an Altar of Sacrifice to Make Right. Thus this connotation had the understanding that this Lamb was to be a sacrifice of righteousness. There are 66 stars in this Sign of the Lamb. The main star is in the forehead named El Nath, or El Natik, which means the wounded or slain. The next is called Al Sheratan which means the bruised or wounded.

The next important star is called Mesarim (Mesarthim) which means the bound. Although the depiction is of the prophetic work of Christ Jesus, it incorporates a duality of death, a sacrifice but a rebirth in triumph. This notion is reverberated as how Jesus Christ, as a man is portrayed in the book of Revelation as an overcomer to sin, death and Lucifer. Jesus is depicted as a resurrected slain Lamb that receives worship, yet is also rendered the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. What is seen here is the duality of Christ’s commissioning and 2 advents. How the celestial ‘Lamb’ is connected to Purim and the heavenly hosts is that for example in ancient Egypt, it was understood that Aries ‘opened’ the door or a gate, a portal for the Sun as then Taurus or the Pleiades in particular marked the beginning of the Spring Equinox. Is this a cosmic picture of the Shepherd leading His lambs through the Golden Gate of sorts?

Amazing in 2016 or 5776, this will actually be depicted as the Blood Moon occurs on Purim as to accent that initiates the Spring Equinox. Thereafter on May 9th the Transit of Mercury occurs at such a point in the Ecliptic in-between Aries and the Pleiades as mentioned. Cosmologically this Aries motif is also tied to the Passover lambs as the Sun enters the Sign of Aries on the 14th day of the Jewish month of Nissan. It was at this time that Jesus was sacrifices as the ‘Lamb of YHVH’. It was on the High Sabbath, in the midst of the week, Wednesday. According to the research of Bullinger the Sign of Aries had occurred around the time of the Spring Equinox as in the times of Exodus but due to the Precession of the Equinoxes, the Sun has now been marked on the 14th of Nissan. He claims that on the very year of Jesus’ crucifixion, the Sun stood at the very star, El Nath which signified the Pierced One and the Bruised One.

This depiction on at Calvary was echoing the conditions of the Proto-Evangelium in that the Seed of the Woman, Jesus Christ would be bruised or wounded but not unto eternal death. Jesus resurrected on the 3rd day as being the Sign of Jonah that Jesus Himself gave. Thus every Passover season is a possible depiction of the possible Resurrection and Rapture of the Saints that are to follow in the order after the LORD. It is a type of an overcoming, and open door perhaps associated with the Pleiades that speaks of the 7 Maidens, the Congregation of the King.

Astonishingly, such a 7 ‘Menorah’ alignment will occur also at the initiation of the Transit of Mercury with 7 planets. Such amazing celestial occurrences are not and do not occur independent of each other but shows that the intricacies of the Creator has synchronized such events for a purpose and perhaps a message in these Last Days as events are fast leading-up to the coming Tribulation period and the advent of the AntiChrist. However, there is a parallel timeline that needs to be mentioned regarding this study of the Purim Blood Moon eclipse and the Transit of Mercury. The Feast of Purim on the 23rd of March occurring on a Penumbral Blood Moon is based on the Jewish calendar. However, if one uses the Torah Calendar, the entire year synchronizes to an alternative correspondence with other eclipses that mirror the pattern of eclipses that occurred on YHVH’s Feast days in 2015.

The Torah Calendar has Passover occurring on this Blood Moon on the 23rd of March. Shavuot or Passover is on May 14 and the New Year or Rosh HaShanah is on the 1st of September in which an Annular solar eclipse occurs. 15 days later, Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles occurs also on a Blood Moon as were the case in 2015. The Torah Calendar is 1 among several colanders that for sure complicates the matter and what is the ‘true’ time that YHVH is going off of. The following are the Feasts of YHVH based on this alternative day-count that appears to be a month off or is it the other way around?

Torah Calendar 2016                                                           
Purim                           Feb 25                                    
Passover                    Mar 23            Blood Moon eclipse   
Shavuot                       May 14                                   
Rosh HaShanah         Sep 01             Annual solar eclipse              
Sukkot                         Sep 15             Blood Moon eclipse

Rabbinical (Hebrew) Calendar 2016 currently used

Purim                           Mar 23             Blood Moon eclipse                           
Passover                    Apr 22           
Shavuot                       Jun 11                        
Rosh HaShanah         Oct 02            
Sukkot                         Oct 16

The following is an extract of what the meaning of Purim signifies from the book of Esther of the Bible. The beginning of the book of Esther starts off with a 180-day feast given by the King. Could this be in some way an encrypted variable of prophetic significance? Could this be a factor or years, months, weeks or days from a certain time marker? As Purim amazing will occur on a Blood Moon, based on the Hebrew calendar perhaps the LORD is trying to signal that a ‘prophetic’ depiction of Purim is about to occur. Purim is prophetic as it relates to the deliverance of YHVH’s People from those enemies that seek to destroy YHVH’s heritage, bloodline and inheritance. The story of Esther has the elements of the Groom, the Royal King and the Royal Queens, one that abdicated and another one that was chosen from humble beginnings.

In the story, there is political intrigue, romance, espionage, assassination plots and conspiracies; just like in the headlines of today’s news regarding Israel and Jesus’ Church. It is a story of a deliverance and a sudden destruction. Purim is a Jewish holiday and has been incorporated much like Hanukah into the list of Feasts that have been added to the 7 major Feasts of YHVH. The real events took place in Persia, modern day Iran as the last vestiges of the Babylonian Captivity was eclipsed by the Medo-Persian Empire. It was Daniel who also served under this 2nd world Beast Empire from their capital city of Susa. As not all the Jews returned or did not want to return to Israel under the leadership of Nehemiah and Ezra, many stayed for various reasons. This is the backdrop of the story.

As Iran, at that time was the world superpower, so too does Iran now seek to recapture this same spirit and political positon even now and specifically over the ‘Jews’ once again. The Persian Empire attracted many of other lands as do modern day superpowers and one such bloodline was the same of Amalek’s, the traditional enemies of the Jews. This parallel bloodline is what has, is and will be in competition for the inheritance of the Land of Israel, its City and coming Temple. Amalek was the one that prevented the Jews from passing through his domain on their way to the Promised Land under Moses for no reason other than suspicion. The conspiracy in the time of Esther was that a descendant of Amalek, Haman plotted to trick the King, Xerxes I or Ahasuerus to murder all the Jews and rid the empire of them as Amalek wanted.


This same spirit, the Prince of Persia, one of Lucifer’s main generals is back. It is alive and well in modern Iran and in fact will be a major partner with Russia that comprises the outer ring of the Muslim nations that will attack Israel during the first Gog-Magog invasion; perhaps during the Tribulation period. The plot was revealed to Mordecai, a relative of Esther that brought her up. At the Queen’s own peril, Ether interceded on behalf of YHVH’s People. Where are such men and women of YHVH in the Christian church in America today? Because of their sacrificial and selfless acts, YHVH moved through and by them to overt a genocide. The Christian genocide currently being waged by the Haman’s of this world in the Muslim world primarily, will one day see a sudden destruction come upon them as the Queen of the King will be rescued; that is the Bride of Christ. She will be taken out, not of tribulation as she has been subject to from the very beginning but from the ‘Hour of Trial’ which is the Wrath of the Lamb, of Aries.

This promised escape, as a general euphemism to the Church of Philadelphia is not because of what she possesses or who she is but because of her love, obedience and a greater purpose she chose besides herself. Each year, at least cosmologically the Signs in the Cosmos provide a dress rehearsal as YHVH uses the Sun, Moon and the Stars to accent the narrative of the work of His SON, Jesus Christ. One day the Queen, the Bride of Christ will be revealed and the enemies of the cross of Jesus Christ exposed for their attempt and conspiracy to eradicate Christianity from the face of the Earth. Perhaps it might even coincide with such a planetary alignment or a Blood Moon or solar eclipse at a certain time and place. Could such an event in the Spring of 2016 see such an event play out? Regardless, the Church of Jesus Christ in these Last Days needs to be like a Mordecai and an Esther despite the threats and martyrdom of many.

The life of a Believer is in the palm of the hands of Jesus’ and He will not allow harm nor physical death come unless He permits it for a reason. If one is called for a purpose, the LORD will see to it that one is preserved through the ‘fire’ as the 3 friends of Daniel. The key about Purim was that Queen Esther had the mindset and resolve that if ‘she perished; she perished’. She counted not her very own life in perspective and comparison to what the LORD’s calling for her life was, to intercede; stand in the breach, etc. In these Last Days and perhaps months, the Church of Jesus, the King needs to have this resolve in the West as they do in the East as so many have been called to martyrdom and have not denied the LORD Jesus Christ.

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