Jim Bramlett (28 Feb 2016)
"The rapture this year?"

Dear friends:

Some people are insisting that the rapture will be this year, in 2016. They make a strong case, and I believe it.  Below are some possibilities.

1.  PURIM.  March 23-24.  Some say the rapture will be on the Feast of Purim.  Purim commemorates Esther's and Mordecai's defeat of Haman's plot to annihilate the Jews of ancient Persia. Purim derives its name from the fact that the evil Haman cast lots (purim) to determine the most propitious date for implementing his planned genocide.  Found inRthe Biblical book of Esther, the story takes place in the Persian Empire.. King Ahasuerus threw a lavish party, to which he summoned his wife, Queen Vashti, to display her beauty. When Vashti refused to obey his command, he had her killed for insubordination.  Regretting this decision after sobering up, Ahasuerus began a kingdom-wide search for a new queen, adding a member to his harem every night, but not finding a suitable replacement until Esther a beautiful Jewish girl was brought before him. He fell in love with her and made her the new queen.   This year, 2016, Purim is celebrated on  March 23-24.  When the rapture happens, there will be much celebration and merriment as in the days of Esther.  Let us hope it will be this year.

2.  PASSOVER.  April 23-30.  See http://www.biblecodedetective.com/passover-rapture-2016.

3.  YOM KIPPUR (Day of Atonement),  October 11-12.  http://kbwealth4u.com/rapture.htm

These are just a few of the possibilities.  Come on, Jesus!