Frank Molver (28 Feb 2016)
"Donna re Joanie Stahl, Trump Chosen to be president 2 yrs ago, Obama AC"

This is quite amazing.
Thanks for the link
When I first read this I thought, NAAH!
Well now it looks to be true.
Funny how they can manipulate the masses so.
Great show, the minute to midnight show has excellent interviews.
Apparently Donald is chosen to kick start the process of gov. change.
He will begin deportation which will cause civil unrest which will open the door to Martial Law. 
So I guess that would have to be 2017.
Obama becomes head of UN and world Uber leader.
Many other confirmations of who Obama really is on this website.
An interview re the death of Scalia has a couple hints from Joanie Stahl and Carolyn Hamlett re Obama

Donna Danna (24 Jan 2016) 

Joanie Stahl - Economic Collapse & Martial Law In 2016 (Prophecy) Part 1
Surviving Economic Collapse - Joanie Stahl Part 2 - 'Don't Put This Off, Time Is Short'