Fay (28 Feb 2016)
"These End Times"

We must all be on our guard now. Super alert. The devil has upped his game and his main target will be Israel - the land and her people. He wants Jerusalem - e wants to rule from Jerusalem. He wants the Jewish people to be LOATHED and vilified by the world. Hence the constant jibes about "Zionism" - turning it into a dirty word. These wise articles seem to be coming thick and fast now (see link below). God is ensuring truth gets out there before we are removed. The devil's other target is also evangelical, Bible believing Christians. He hates us for our unswerving belief in His Word The. Holy Bible. He also hates us for our support and love for Israel. He knows we will NEVER worship him - therefore we have to be got rid of. Along with the Jewish people. He will never receive his desire to rule, with ease, from Jerusalem, as long as we are in his way. The article below will bless you.

Daymond Duck