Douglas Henney (21 Feb 2016)
"My thoughts about the coming months, part 6"

This will be the last of my posts in this set.

I want to touch on the blood moon tetrad that took place 2014 - 2015.

There was a lot of anticipation during that period of time, especially in light of some count indicators that pointed to September 2015.  If I was aware of the following, I might have been more "balanced" in my watching (what ever that might mean.)

I think the latest blood moon tetrad was definitely a sign and points to a period of time in this regard:

In the years 1949 - 1950 was a blood moon tetrad.  The event for Israel was that they officially became a Jewish State on May in 1948.  Israel's event was the receiving of the land before the blood moon tetrad.

In the years 1967 - 1968 was a blood moon tetrad.  The event for Israel was they obtained Jerusalem during the six day war in 1967.  Israel's event was the receiving of the city during the blood moon tetrad.

In the years 2014 - 2015 was a blood moon tetrad.  I anticipate that the event for Israel will be they will obtain some level of right to build on the temple mount and eventually rebuild the temple.  The relationship of this to the blood moon tetrad, if it follows the pattern, will be after the blood moon tetrad, and possible within a similar timeframe compared to when they received the land one year prior to the tetrad, hence possibly in the year after the blood moon tetrad they will be able to build the temple. 

Along this same idea, I had mentioned Gil Broussard in a prior post.  He has a good interpretative idea of understanding the fifth seal.  It has always seemed a bit odd to me in terms of its description because I did not see how it fit a flow of events.  It is the seal where faithful followers of God had been killed and were asking about the timing of God's judgement on their behalf.  However, something seems to have taken place that caused them to see a delay in what they were looking to God to accomplish.  What might that be?  A peace agreement has been signed between Israel and their enemies, likely with the Antichrist as a facilitator and the giving to Israel the right to build on the temple as an inducement.  Understanding this seal in this way, to me, validates the idea that we will not be here when the seals are broken by Jesus.

I hope these posts have been an encouragement.  If something I have presented does not ring true, I ask that you just let it go.  I have been wrong so many times prior in trying to anticipate events in light of God's prophecies.  It has been quite the learning curve.  I have been reluctant to post for a number of years now because of all of the inconsistencies and ambiguities in my understanding.  I think I have a number of the puzzle pieces put together but I do not know for sure.

The main thing is us keeping our hearts on Jesus as we go through each day.  We will be doing the same thing once we get home, so might as well practice our baby steps down here.


Douglas Henney