Douglas Henney (21 Feb 2016)
"My thoughts on the coming months, part 4"

With Pentecost having a wave offering aspect to the Feast, I believe that an ascension event is tied to this.  It may involve the rescue of the body of Christ, but I want to explain in this post that I think it is pointing to a different group of people.

Over the years, my thinking has changed in terms of when Pentecost takes place.  I know that there is a debate between seeing Pentecost taking place on the 50th day after seven full weeks, verses adding a full 50 day count after the completion of a full seven weeks.  Both of these counting options would begin on the Feast of Firstfruits, a few days after Passover.  I am holding to the second option above.  Here is part of the reason why.

It has to do with when Joshua took the Children of Israel over the Jordan and into the Promised Land.  In the first part of Joshua, they cross over in chapter three.  In chapter five, the men get circumcised and shortly thereafter they celebrate the Passover (see 5:10).  After the Passover they eat some of the grain of the land and the giving of manna ceases.  The form of the grain is unleavened, consistent with God's instruction for the Feast of Unleavened Bread.  

Now traditionally, Pentecost would come about 50 days later.  But, here is the thing.  In Exodus 23:16 God had instructed Israel (Moses) that when it comes to this particular harvest feast, that they are to observe it with the first fruits of their labors.  In other words, you have to offer up what you planted.  That was not stipulated for the first fruits offering right after Passover.  That is why it was OK for Joshua and Israel to eat of the land after crossing the Jordan.

Joshua and Israel could not have celebrated that Feast of Pentecost that first year in the promised land, there was not enough time to plant and reap.  However, if the Feast is to be observed actually seven weeks plus another 50 days after the Feast of First Fruits, then it could be done.

This time frame is also consistent with what I observe about the timing of when Moses went up the mountain (18th day, third month).  When he came down with the first set of tablets 40 days later, it would have been on the day of Pentecost according to my count.

Now, when Moses came down, finding idolatry in the camp, he asked those who are for the LORD to come to him.  Moses then had those of the tribe of Levi accomplish an initial judgement against the children of Israel and 3000 were killed ( Exodus 32:28).

Fast forwarding to when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples in the upper room on Pentecost (Acts 2:1), Peter proclaimed a message of repentance and guess how many responded and were added to the assembly?  3000.  To me this is a tie in to when Israel initially lost 3000 in their early years.

So, this year, because I am not certain if Passover is to be celebrated in March or April, I get July 3rd and July 31 for Pentecost.  Also, the 18th day of the third month would be May 25 and June 22 respectively.

Now, the 18th day of the third month is interesting because of what took place before Israel in Exodus 19.  The sound of a trumpet grew louder and louder, God came down to the top of the mountain, God called Moses up, and Moses went up.  Sound familiar?  A strong possibility for our rescue event.  This 18th day of the third month is about 10 past the traditional date for Pentecost.  It is only Jewish tradition that the law was spoken by God from Mount Sinai on Pentecost.  I do not believe that idea is Biblical.

Now, as I go back and think about Pentecost, looking at Peter's sermon, he quotes from the book of Joel in Acts 2:14-21.  Verse 19 and 20 are "And I will grant wonders in the sky above, and signs on the earth below, blood, and fire, and vapor of smoke.  The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood."  The thing is, those events did not happen back then.  I believe Peter is describing additional details of a future Pentecost.  Now, as I look at how the sixth seal is described in Revelation 6, starting at verse 12, I see similarities.  I am thinking that the sixth seal might take place on a future Pentecost.  

Could it be this year?  (I believe the rescue event will happen before Jesus opens the first seal.  I will get into that in a future post.)  

Gil Broussard, a amateur astronomer, a believer in Jesus Christ, and a student of Bible prophecy has done a lot of work showing why he believes that some of the devastating events in Revelation will be caused by God allowing a large planetary object to come through our solar system.  To learn more see his website  Gil calls this object Planet 7x to distinguish what he is presenting from so many baseless thinking/rumors on the internet about Planet X or what is also called Nibiru.

I have truly benefited from his research, especially in understanding how God brought about certain miracles in the Old Testament (like Joshua's long day).  Gil also presents, and I agree, that the sixth seal will be caused by this object coming through our solar system.  He is thinking within the next few years and possibly this year.  He is careful to not say for certain.

It is a strong possibility to me that this object(s) will "arrive" (actually being between the earth and the sun) some year on Pentecost based upon Peter's sermon, Joel and Revelation 6.

Now, I want to pass onto you something I came across that echoes that the Planet 7x arrival might be this year. I am just putting it on the table so to speak but I do not expect you to put any real weight on it.   I have no way to check this.  However, I find it interesting.  The source expresses the timing of the arrival of Planet 7x falls almost right on my second Pentecost option date of July 31st this year.

I listened to an interview of a man, Kameran Faily, who is involved in high level banking and is privy to information of some of what is taking place between countries on the world stage.  I realize others can claim this and do so with guile.  I cannot discern if he has saving faith in Jesus.  He does see Jesus as fulfilling future prophecy and even coming again but his thinking includes an amalgamation of other religions and also what I would describe as new-age-like thinking.  I sensed him to be a genuinely kind man who sincerely wanted to pass on information of what is going on between countries behind the scenes so that it might be a benefit to others, so I listened to him.

In the interview he presented that he had been informed that Planet X is coming this summer, the first part of August.  

Echoing this, Kameran also discussed that powerful families, who essentially worship Lucifer, sometimes describe future events and plans through particular popular singers in select songs.  At some level there is a obligation or constraint that they must inform the public in some way, even if it is obscure.  The singer he was referencing at the time, that one power group uses, was David Bowie (who recently died) and his latest song called Blackstar, which Kameran expressed is an announcement as to the arrival of Planet X.

In my opinion, David Bowie worshiped Lucifer.  I did listen to the song by watching the video (I do not recommend that).  Here is what I found very interesting.  At the very end of the song's video, with no reason given, the date of August 1, 2016 is given.  Now, knowing what I know about the two times of Pentecost this year as well as Peter's, Joel's and Revelation's description of things that will take place in the heavens (solar system), I found what Kameran expressed, and this August 1st date, in terms of the arrival of Planet X to be interesting.

In terms of Planet 7x arrival, according to Gil, it will be visible for a time before it actually is between the earth and sun.  Gil is thinking that there will be at least a 40 day "heads up".   I will let you go into his website for details.  He has also been interviewed multiple times and these are posted on YouTube.

I do not want to foster fear in what I am describing.  In my next post I will share why I believe we will be rescued before the seal judgments and so will not be on earth for the Sixth Seal of Revelation (and Planet 7x arrival).  I do want to show you why I think we are getting close.

Now, going back to the subject of Pentecost.  I think that it will be when the 144,000 are sealed by Elijah and Moses.  In the same way that the disciples waited in Jerusalem for power from God, so as to accomplish their responsibility as apostles, the sealing of the 144,000 by the prophets is a type of anointing for service.

I know that most Christians believe that it is when the disciples received the Holy Spirit, but scripturally this is not so.  In John 20:22, after Jesus' resurrection and before His ascension, it says "He breathed on them and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit."  Jesus gave them of His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, at that time.  It was the same thing He and the Father did in the garden when they breathed into Adam's nostrils.  This time, with the disciples, Jesus was giving them His very life, His very Spirit to be one with them, just like He had asked of the Father in John 17.

What took place on Pentecost was the anointing for service.  Similar to when Samuel anointed David with oil (oil being a symbol of the Holy Spirit).  The apostles, in the book of Acts, were re-presenting the earthly kingdom of God to the nation of Israel.  The book of Acts is an account of the rejection of the kingdom of God by the nation a second time.  In Acts 13, Paul and Barnabas were "set apart" (actually means to completely cut off or sever) under the direction of the Holy Spirit for a special work.  It is my opinion that this is when the church age truly started, after it was clear that the nation of Israel had rejected the Kingdom once again.

So Pentecost does include a wave offering, yes.  And it does include an anointing for service.  It is my opinion that the 144,000 will be sealed on a future Pentecost, and after Elijah and Moses ascend at First Fruits, the 144,000 will ascend a little bit later that same year on Pentecost.  That is why in Revelation 14:1, the 144.000 are in heaven with Jesus yet after the Evil One has been cast down to the earth.  They ascended either with the witnesses, or more likely, as a wave offering of first fruits of the witnesses, on Pentecost.

I go into detail with the above because I do not think a Pentecost rescue event is likely for the body of Christ.  I could be wrong but I am leaning more to the timing of us going home on the Feast of First Fruits.

I am planning on two more posts, the Lord willing.

Douglas Henney