Pastor Bob (1 Feb 2015)
""Edify One Another""

All Doves:

Given what we know about the Apostle Paul, he would have made one great Marine drill instructor.  The secret of an Army or Marine Corp drill instructor comes out of leadership that not only inspires but brings out the best of raw recruits in basic training. Contrary to what most people think, yelling is not one of the most important tasks of a Army or Marine D.I.  While it is the easiest aspect, there are more important aspects of being a great D.I.  You are a teacher, a coach, a mentor.  A D.I. cannot demand from his trainees what he cannot demand from himself. 

My illustation here is simply to heighten your understanding of the importance of the task that Paul faced in establishing churches throughout the area of Asia Minor and the lands throughout his missionary trips.  At first reading of the letter by Paul to the Thessalonians, many conclude that Paul probably spent no more than three to four weeks in Thessalonika.  The evidence suggest that Paul may actually have spent several months at Thessalonika.  Yet in that short time he founded a church, taught them the death and resurrection of the Lord Christ Jesus, and taught the doctrines of salvation, sanctification, holiness, the God Head, man's sin nature, God's grace and pardon, and the day of the Lord.  He had shaped them into being new Christians and prepared them for what they would have to face what was ahead for them.  His two letters/epistles were teaching-oriented and augmenting his leadership when he was with them.  His first letter was written from Corinth in 52 AD.  It was this letter that introduced the new Christians at Thessalonika the teaching of the Rapture.  The two epistles to the Thessalonians offer a somewhat brief or limited understanding from our view point.  This becomes a point of criticism by those rejecting the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.  However, they fail to miss the big picture and the larger message of Paul.

From a reading of the book of Acts and gleaning from all of the Paul-authored letters one comes away with a much more detailed picture and study of Paul's ministry and what is drawn from a patch-quit approach of individual letters.  There is so much more to understanding Paul, and this is true, even if we were to only use the seven known or undisputed authenticated letters written by Paul.  We have to remember everything that was written in the past was written to teach us as well.  This understanding is very important because Paul taught firmly that the Rapture would be Pre-Tribulational

Critics that want to deceive you into believing that this doctrine was new to the Christian world in the 1800's by such people as Margaret McDonald and Charles Nelson Darby, but they fraudulently err in an over-simplification of the Biblical message.  That's such a common lie by those that attack the Pre-Trib. Rapture.  The critics and JW/SDA wags at the "Pre-Wrath Rapture Babble" site even go so far as to say the teaching began with a Jesuit, but they tell half the truth and will never tell you that it was another Jesuit that also came up with the teaching that the book of Revelation was written about ancient history and to take the public eye off of Rome being the subject of Revelation 13, 17, & 18.  This all factored into the teachings of modern-day Preterism through misleading people into believing that the book of Revelation was speaking to events long before the Christian faith was made legal under Constantine. 

There is no question that Jesuits were seeking to undermine "Futurism" but they were also simultaneously at work revising "Historicism" as well.  Jesuit Francisco Ribera wrote a book on prophecy but Ribera did not invent "futurism".  This is another of the blatant JW/SDA lies!  Another Jesuit was revising "Historicism", a man by the name of Luis de Alcazar, and both were Spanish Jesuits linked to the Borgia dynasty, contemporaries of each other.  Historically, the Jesuits are known to work both sides of an issue or conflict, and they do so to take advantage for their own benefit.  The critics of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture expose or reveal their own deceptive and dishonest ways by counting on your ignorance and your not bothering to do your own research on issues that might require library research of documents that refute the lies of the JW/SDA church/cult.  While the snake at the SDA's "Pre-Wrath Rapture Forum", in his attacks on the Pre-Trib Rapture always notes Jesuit Francisco Ribera but they never give the whole story, and they never note that the Jesuit Luis de Alcazar was at work changing the church's understanding of "Historicism", a different view of interpreting the book of Revelation.

Keep in mind that JW/SDA tactics are to lie, deceive, mis-represent, and use cunning in their mis-leading people.  I proved in my last post of how the evidence proves that the JW/SDA's "Pre-Wrath Rapture Forum" is nothing but a JW/SDA web site masking their real ties and affections.  The site's host is a hypocritical liar and a peddler of trickery and untruths, particularly so about the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.  Besides their deceptive practices they are short in learning as well.  There are so many excellent books on the Apostle Paul, and even a few derogatory ones as well.  Every time I confront a SDA advocate or their errant teachings, I am reminded of Hitler's words:  "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed."  The JW/SDA's "Pre-Wrath Rapture Babble" site practices this tactic.  They are not to be trusted, no matter what they post that might still be good or truthful, and there is some, a small percentage.  Their deceit and deception discredits them as a legitimate voice of truth.   Another one of the German fuhrer's statements less familiar was, "It is not truth that matters, but victory."  The JW/SDA believer is not ashamed in the slightest by their exposure as a fraud, and they have no shame.  They will keep peddling their trash and press on their work to deceive its readers.  Just like the 'Energizer' Bunny, the drum-beat keeps on banging out the same old lies over and over and over! 

My key point is that if one studies the collective writings of Paul, along with the book of Acts, you get both a flavor and a strong confirmation that Paul was teaching the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.  When I was a seminary student I took a two-semester course on the history, life, and ministry of Paul.  I have never doubted for one day in 54 years as a Christian ex-United Methodist pastor that the Rapture would be anything other than a Pre-Tribulation Pre-Millennial event!  It is a safe bet to state the teaching of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture originated with none other than Paul himself  I remind the reader that I graduated from both a United Presbyterian seminary and a Methodist seminary, where the institutional denominational official view was Amillennialism, meaning there is no 1,000 year Millennium.  I never owned their belief because of their selective denominational theology which cherry-picked and chose from Scripture what they would teach.  I saw first hand their bifurcation on Scripture, ignoring those portions of the Bible that contradicted their biased view toward Dispensationalism, and their hidden Anti-Semitism.  A century ago, Presbyterians and Methodist once believed differently than today, they believed in the Pre-Tribulation and Pre-Millennial Rapture position.  The official position changed between 1900 and 1920 as European liberalism gained a foot-hold in American theological Bible colleges and seminaries.   

Paul used the expression "Edify One Another" twice in his letters:  1st Thessalonians 5:11 and Romans 14:19.  Chances are that he proclaimed those words more often than what we have recorded in these two books of the Bible.  The deceivers were at work in Paul's day just as they are today.  That Paul had to deal with opponents is obvious when you read his response to the fact that someone had tried to pretend to be Paul and was out to scare the folks at Thessalonika.  The Thessalonians had received a forged letter that was intended to scare them or unsettle them.  Something in the content of the forgery had so upset and rattled their world view that they were like frightened chickens.  They were upset to put it mildly.  Interestingly so, from reading 2nd Thessalonians 2:1-3 we can conclude they had disputed Paul's teaching on the events leading up to the Day of the Lord. 

Right from the very beginning Paul separated the coming of the Lord from our being gathered together to Him.  This differentiation is extremely important in our understanding of Paul's position.  That is because they are two different events.  We cannot tell their relative timing from this, but we can tell they are distinctively two different eventsThe Second Coming is when He comes back to Earth with His people here, while in 1st Thessalonians 4:16-17 we know that the Rapture has us going up to meet Him in the air and continuing to Heaven to be with Him there -(John 14:2-3).  The Second Coming will be witnessed by everyone -(Matthew 24:30), but the Rapture is an instantaneous disappearance of believers only -(1st Corinthians 15:51-52) that happens without advanced warning.  Others will not recognize it or see it when it happens unless they are watching and see the disappearance of folks.

In reading Romans 15:4 we learn that Paul wasn't just writing to Thessalonian believers.  He was writing to you and I as well.  If Paul had taught them to expect a Pre-Wrath or Post-Tribulation would they have been troubled and frightened by receiving a forgery?  Not at all.  Chances are they would have thought of the Second Coming being only a few years away and that many of them would live to see it happen.

Their [the Thessalonians] being distraught and overly concerned and confused would have been thinking that Paul was telling them the Day of the Lord had come and gone would upset them and that they had missed the Rapture, and thinking they weren't saved.  With this in play we can see how they would be upset, angry, and scared.  Imagine how you might feel in the same situation.

From Paul's teaching in 2nd Thessalonians 2:1-3 we can begin to construct Paul's teaching on the chronology of events leading up to the Day of the Lord.  Remember my previous point about looking at the collective works of Paul.  We have an abundance of proof from his other letters showing that Paul taught the doctrine of eternal security.  Some of the most obvious references are Romans 8:38-39; 2nd Corinthians 1:21-22; 2nd Corinthians 5:5; Ephesians 1:13-14; and Ephesians 4:30.  There are others as well.  You have no idea how these passages anger Methodist and Presbyterian seminary professors, church leaders and for that matter other mainline denominational theological schools. 

I was being interviewed by a United Methodist district superintendent at our Conference offices a couple decades back.  I was being interviewed for a church opening in the superintendent's district.  He asked me point blank, "do you preach the 'Common Lectionary' and what was my preaching style?"  As to the first part, my answer was 'sometimes', but not always.  My answer to the second part was that I considered myself a "Pauline" preacher and that I used an expository preaching style.  That ended the interview right quickly.  I knew before hand that he was of the liberal persuasion.  He never gave me a chance to state that I preached and taught the whole council of God, which would have probably angered him even more.  Liberals cherry-pick and choose what they want to stress from the Word of God, and that's why liberals will say such things as the Bible "contains" the Word of God, rather than the Bible "is" the word of God as held by conservatives.

In his letters to the Thessalonians, Paul didn't reveal the actual timing of the Rapture except as it related to other events.  We are not sure why but because he referred to the Pre-Tribulation Rapture as a "Mystery" in 1st Corinthians 15:51 and couched his language of the Rapture in language terms elsewhere, we can presume he had a good reason to be guarded in saying a lot more about the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.  All we know is for reasons of his own the Lord has never given us a specific date for the Rapture.  Keeping in mind that the Bible cannot contradict itself; and, carefully studying the passages describing it, the astute Bible student can know the times and seasons and construct with some degree of assurance the correct sequence of events.  Paul even criticized the Thessalonians for not figuring out this on their own all the way back in 2 Thessalonians 2:5"Remember ye not, that, when I was with you, I told you these things." 

It is understandable why the specifics are masked but the knowing of the times and seasons are distinct.  The word "seasons" is not what we commonly think of as (winter-spring-summer-fall) but the meaning is "appointed times".  The word "seasons" is used 12X and the Hebrew word is "Moed" and means "appointed times", it DOES NOT mean (winter-spring-summer-fall).  1st Thessalonians 5:1 reads, "But of the times and seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you."  From these two verses - 1st Thessalonians 5:1 and 2nd Thessalonians 2:5, and others, we can conclude that Paul had taught them or explained the prophetic aspects of the "Feasts of the Lord" and how they pictured prophetic future events.  Christians today reading the references to the "Feasts of the Lord" and the "appointed times" or "Moed" inevitably are puzzled and ask, does this mean "fall" or "food"?  The "seven" "Feasts of the Lord" were "rehearsals" for the "Bride", i.e., "the Church", similar to what a couple about to marry does the evening before their wedding nuptials.  The "Feasts of the Lord" found in Leviticus 23 are like a riddle wrapped up in a puzzle as part of an enigma.    

I would like to suggest to the reader a number of reasons that we can be confident in the Pre-Tribulation & Pre-Millennial Rapture.  Some of these points may be new to you and others you may be familiar with.  None the less, we are tasked with Paul's message of "Edify One Another".  People hold their own view for various reasons and but in order to come to one's conclusion cautiously, it demands that each of us be serious students of the Bible. 

I would initially repeat a previous statement, and that is, your or my salvation is totally independent on which view we hold toward the Rapture I have stated from my earliest postings on Five Doves, salvation has nothing to do with our opinion on the Rapture doctrine.  Furthermore, what you or I believe is secondary to what the Word of God has to say.  With that in mind then allow me to share reasons for our belief in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.  As a preface to my points, do not allow yourself to be confused by the errant theology and teachings posted on the misleading JW/SDA's "Pre-Wrath Rapture Forum".  Their inconsistent errant theology is 'another gospel' and will mess your thinking up so bad and it will eat your lunch and joy!  

1.  Both Jesus and the Apostle Paul, under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, promised believers that they would be saved from the "wrath to come" -(Mark 3:7; Luke 3:7; 1st Thessalonians 1:10).  Furthermore, they would be kept from "the hour of trial that shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth"  -(Revelation 3:10).  Such a "trial" has not yet occurred, and we have Jesus' unconditional promise to keep believers out of that trial -(Revelation 3:10).  Paul gave the same promise in Romans 5:9; 1st Thessalonians 1:10; 1st Thessalonians 5:9.  The Hebrew prophets referred to that future time of "wrath" or "trouble" for Israel over 50X, and although Israel has suffered much throughout its history, these prophecies will not be fulfilled until  or before the Tribulation commences.  All the other various interpretations have at least a portion of the Church experiencing all or some of the Tribulation period, which we believe contradicts the mentioned Scripture passages.  The current growing storm surrounding Israel by ISIS now in Syria and other Islamic groups suggest that it cannot be too long before the Arab/Muslim world launch their numerically-superior attack on the State of Israel.  Suffice it to say, you haven't seen anything yet of what is to come.  Israel remains the most important indices of what is yet to come.

2.  The Pre-Tribulational view is the
most logical and consistent view of Second-Coming Scriptures when taken for their plain sense, literal meaning whenever possible.  Many of the details of the Second Coming must be pieced together like a puzzle from various passages of Scripture, no matter what view you may have taken or believe.  The Pre-Tribulational position finds a logical place for every Second-Coming passage, and like a completed puzzle, all the pieces fit nicely.  We find no left over pieces that do not fit into the grand scheme of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

3.  The Pre-Tribulational position clearly and logically untangles the contrasting details of Christ Jesus' Second Coming.  The Scriptures say that Jesus will come in the air to Rapture His Church, yet He will also come to the Earth publicly and physically.  According to the Pre-Tribulation view, the coming of Christ Jesus in blessing for His Church and His return to the Earth in judgment are two distinct events separated by a period of time.  The book of Revelation and 2 Thessalonians 2 clarify what takes place between those two events.

4.  The Pre-Tribulation Rapture position is the only view that makes a clear distinction between Israel and the Church.  The lack of a proper understanding of the relationship between Israel and the Church in Bible prophecy is one of the major causes of confusion, as illustrated in the teachings of Amillennialism, Post-Tribulation, and Pre-Wrath.  The Pre-Tribulation Rapture is the ONLY position that clearly outlines the program of the Church.  This is further confirmed by the fulfillment of Isaiah 66:8, the rebirth of Israel in a day.  That being fulfilled in 1948 is a proof of what the prophet Isaiah foretold, "Who hath heard such a thing?  who hath seen such things?  Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day?  or shall a nation be born at once?  for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children."  My former fellow Methodists pull their hair out trying to get around Isaiah 66:8.  So does anyone else that holds a view different than the Pre-Tribulation position.

Pre-Tribulationalism is the only view that makes "that blessed hope" of Titus 2:13 truly a blessed hope.  Few Bible doctrines have brought more hope to grieving souls during the past two-thousand years than the doctrine of this "blessed hope", the teaching that Christ Jesus will return for His Church, resurrect the dead, and transport living believers to be with Him while the world endures the Tribulation.  The Mid-Tribulation position destroys that hope by forcing the Christian to anticipate the trauma of at least part of the Tribulation.  Post-Tribulationalism, Mid-Tribulation, and Pre-Wrath Tribulation further destroys such optimism in that it propels us through the entire Tribulation period or parts thereof.  No proper reading of Bible prophecy gives credence to the idea that the Church will be on Earth during that seven-year period.  The judgments pictured in Revelation is clearly intended for Israel and the dis-believing Gentile world.  Keep in mind that the teaching on the Rapture was given to comfort those who mourn!  The threat of experiencing the Tribulation is hardly a doctrine of comfort to the saints.

6.  Pre-Tribulationalism allows sufficient time for important end-time events to occur or take place, and there are many yet to be fulfilled.  The Pre-Tribulational view allows adequate time for Christians to be taken to the Father's house, experience the judgment seat of Christ ("everyone of us will have to give account of himself to God"  -Romans 14:12), yet this view still provides time for the Wedding events in heaven before He comes "with power and great glory" to the Earth -(Matthew 24:30; Luke 21:27).  Other viewpoints offer various periods of time for these events to take place, but all are too brief to allow adequate time for important events listed in Revelation.  Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum in his book 'Footsteps of the Messiah' provides a long list of things that remain to occur, such as the rebuilding of the Third Temple, etc.  Experts on the Third Temple estimate 2-1/2 years to rebuild the Third Temple based on their architectural plans.  I provided background information on the rebuilding of the Temple (the third temple) last year in recounting my experience of watching the movement of Bedford, Indiana limestone cut stones move by rail from Bedford, Indiana through the former Pennsylvania Railroad freight yards in Pitcairn, PA to Kearney, NJ for export to Israel.  60,000 tons of Bedford, Indiana limestone cut stones were ordered and paid for the Grand Orient Lodge of Freemasonry.  Each of those stones were spray-painted with an alpha/numerical designation for the construction phase.

7.  Only the Pre-Tribulational view preserves the motivating power of the imminent return of Christ Jesus that was such a challenge to the early Church because of the persecution factor.  In John 14:1-3; Acts 1:11; 1st Corinthians 15:51-52; Philippians 3:20; and Colossians 3:4, and many other passages, the Apostles taught that Christ Jesus could come at any moment.  When the Church loses this form of anticipation, she tends to become carnal and die spiritually.  There are hundreds of examples all around America today that confirms this carnality already exists and is well engrained in a largely spiritually dead church.  That errant belief has led many a church astray and into the 'Emergent Church' movement, one of many apostate camps that prevail today.  Apostasy such as Yoga and Contemplative prayer have invaded what were once conservative denominations, like the Nazarenes, the CM&A, and many Baptist churches as well.

8.  Pre-Tribulational Christians are looking for the coming of the Lord.  Other views have Christians awaiting the Tribulation, Antichrist, and great suffering.  The signs of coming chaos and the collapse of society serve to remind us that the Rapture comes first.  In fact, only the Rapture could occur as soon as this very moment - the Glorious Appearing [Second Coming] cannot occur for at least seven more years after the Tribulation begins.

9.  Pre-Tribulationalism emphasizes the magnitude of the Rapture.  Since at least four passages of Scripture describe the Rapture, it must be a significant e
vent.  The Post-Tribulational view trivializes the Rapture, treating it as an express-elevator trip - zip up and right back down!  The Pre-Tribulational view treats it as a dignified, blessed event commensurate with a heavenly Bridegroom who comes to take His Bride to His Father's house for their wedding.  Last year I devoted an entire series of posts on the detail outline of the "Theme of the Bride" that God has interwoven within the Biblical corpus text.  Over 750 passages on the "Theme of the Bride" are found from Genesis to Revelation.  You can truthfully say that the Bible is a "love letter" from the Creator based on this "Theme of the Bride".  God has revealed the Pre-Tribulation Rapture through a combination of implicit and explicit patterns and themes using Biblical Typology and reinforcement to His Grand Design of "Deliverance"!  It is true that God could have inspired one of the Biblical writers to spell it out in an unquestionable explicit message - "the Rapture will be at the beginning of the Seven-Year Tribulation".  But think about this for a moment, what would there be to look for in His Holy Writ once you were given a "Thus saith the Lord" statement of declaration?  As I have stated numerous times before, Proverbs 25:2 is God's challenge or invitation to man to search out the Word of God for all of its goodies.  The "Mystery" aspect is intended to keep us motivated and not to slack off.  It motivates us to reach the lost before the clock stops!   Furthermore, it elicits our worship, for which the Lord wants of His creation.

10.  Pre-Tribulationalism must clearly fit the flow of the book of Revelation.  Revelation 4:1-2 by itself never could unlock the mystery of the Rapture, but since that event is revealed in other passages like 1st Thessalonians 4:13-18; 1st Corinthians 15:50-58; John 14:1-3, one may appropriately identify John's call up to heaven as a rapture event that unfolds before the Tribulation period.  Those references provides the substance for Revelation 4:1-2.  The absence of the Church after Revelation 4:2 is a subtle but yet definitive message that God has taken it home.

11.  The Pre-Tribulational view explains why the Church is NOT mentioned from Revelation 4:3-18:24.  There must be a reason why the Church is so central in the first three chapters of Revelation but then virtually disappears until the Glorious Appearing.  Pre-Tribulationalists insist that the Church has already been Raptured out before the events of this passage of Revelation.  Mid-Tribulationalists and Post-Tribulationalist would ask us to find the Church in the Tribulation even though she is not mentioned even just once in Revelation 4-18.  The Pre-Wrath only offers further confusion on this confusion.

12.  The Pre-Tribulation position preserves the credibility of Christ Jesus' word that Christians will be kept from the Tribulation.  The Pre-Tribulational view is the only one that resolves the contrasting difficulties of Revelation 3:10 and 7:14.  For if Church members will be among the martyrs of Revelation 7:14 who are killed during the Tribulation, then the Lord will not have kept His Word in Revelation 3:10, and thus making God out to be a liar, which is inconsistent with the Word of God.  Ask yourself, can God lie?  Pre-Tribulationalists explain that there will be no person from the Church on the Earth during the Tribulation.  The Church will be Raptured before the Tribulation  begins - fulfilling the Lord's promise.

13.  Pre-Tribulationalism explains why there is NO Bible instruction on preparations for the Tribulation.  Is it not strange that although the Bible advises Christians how to face ordinary, everyday trouble, it submits absolutely NO instructions related to the worst time in all of history that the world will face, a period filled with the most frightening of events imaginable that have never come close to being fulfilled?  I would believe if God had the Church going through the Tribulation or a portion of it, we would have received specific instructions on how to prepare for and weather that event.  Maybe he would have instructed us in the New Testament to become prepper's!  Consider these current issues that point to the very near future time frame of a year or less:

1.  There is an impending global financial crash that has been called by Armstrong Econometrics to take place in October of 2015.  Martin Armstrong has been the individual that has out-shined all economic prognosticators.  He called the 2007 recession, among other financial cycles and has called for a specific date this fall, right around Rosh HaShanah.  Even the US government tried to steal his computer programs to learn his secret.  The government kept him in prison for eight years without a trial or being charged of a crime, but he never provided the government his computer programs.  He even had a self-destruct built-in to his software should his computers ever be taken without permission.

2.  Jonathan Cahn's book 'The Mystery of the Shemitah' calls for a major global event to take place around Rosh HaShanah of 2015, on Elul 29 - the day before Rosh HaShanah 2015.  That date is September 13, 2015. 

3.  There is the growing drumbeat for a developing war between Russia and America, in which the USA/EU/NATO are instigating efforts to provoke Vladimir Putin into a war in the Ukraine, on behalf of the Illuminati bankers.  The Ukrainian government signed into law two weeks ago plans to draft 100,000 men, initially it was going to be 50,000, ages 18-60; and, the USA will be sending U.S. troops to train them this spring.  Advanced contingents are in preliminary deployment preparation mode already.  Advance-party elements are probably already there.  The Rothschild-controlled IMF and BIS are pushing the west to get underway the second wave of a civil war that could likely go nuclear.  Many ranking retired flag officers [generals and admirals] are predicting such will occur and have not been reserved in who they share their views and thoughts with. 

4.  We are seeing all the signs of the Freemason Grand Master Albert Pike's vision of 'three world wars', the last being a war between the Arab/Islamic world against the Judean/Christian west.  You can google "Third World War" on the Internet and read more on Pike's 'vision' or his plan as others describe it.  The Rothschild's are not Biblical Jews, rather, they are of the 'Synagogue of Satan" -(Revelation 2:9 and 3:9).  They are merely Satanists in the employ of the Jesuit-controlled Vatican. 

5.  There is a growing encroachment into Syria to depose Assad and get control of his nation's gold and establish a Rothschild-controlled central bank.  Before the first Gulf War in 1990, there were 10, mostly Middle Eastern nations without a Rothschild-controlled central bank.  Today there are only four:  Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba.  Syria is merely a stepping stone along the way of war on the march to Tehran, Iran, the real target.  Russia's Putin has told President Obama not to touch Syria and to do so would provoke him to retaliate.  The first thing that took place after all six of the 'Arab Spring' states fell was the taking possession of their national gold treasury and the establishment of BIS/IMF controlled Central Banks.  The Rothschild's (i.e., the Vatican) want regime change in Russia.  Putin is the object of a vendetta of the Jesuit-controlled Vatican.  People seem to always blame the Jews for the financial problems, yet they ignore the fact that the Rothschild-controlled banking dynasty has been the Vatican "Fiduciary" agents since 1823.  Putin double-crossed the international banksters, and few of you know that the Rothschild banking dynasty have been married in with the Jesuit/Freemason/House of Rothschild since 1823.  The Rothschild's have been "knighted" by the Vatican, something only given to those that serve Rome.  The Vatican would like to bring Russia under the Vatican umbrella of control, particularly the Russian Orthodox Church, an inference to the last of the infamous letters of Fatima.  Certain individual Rothschild's are actually inter-married into the families of the 'Black Nobility', that sit in counsel with the Jesuit Superior-General or 'Black Pope'.  I detailed this background in my last post in the fall of last year on "All Roads Lead to Rome".  These are the thirteen bloodline families within the "Black Nobility' that rule the world from behind the scenes.

6The marriage between China and Russia, a process long in coming, was forced upon Putin last year because of Russia's need to build an alliance against the EU/NATO/USA coalition.  Russia and China have inked so many deals in the past year, one has a hard time remembering them all, it simply confirms the last days line-up of nations for a war with the US.  This past week Russia and China signed a deal for China to build a high-speed railroad for Russia between Moscow and Beijing, a distance of some 7,000 miles.  Sino-Russian relations were cemented with this deal just two weeks ago, that will take two years to build.

7.  This year we have the second set of the Tetrads talked of by Pastor Mark Biltz in the 'Blood Red Moon' scenario.  We have one occurring at Passover this year and the last just ten days past Rosh HaShanah.  Mark Biltz's study shows that the Blood Red eclipses never occur again on the Leviticus 23 Feast Days of the Jews over the next five hundred years. 

8.  The $9-Trillion US dollar carry-trade is blowing up as we go about living life as if nothing has changed.  When the Federal Reserve cut interest rates to 0.25 interest rate in 2008, the world financial system was flooded with US dollars, only delaying the inevitable.  It flooded the world with virtually free "interest free" money, and involved the world's nations in its debt scam.  The Federal Reserve permitted foreign countries to borrow in "US Dollars".  The global carry-trade (meaning money borrowed in US dollars and invested in other assets) stands at $9-Trillion US dollars.  For those not familiar with international finance, this simply means the US dollar has been deliberately blown up (inflated as well as destroyed) by lending to other countries like it did a few years back but its impact will not be felt for six or eight months or perhaps a bit longer.  As other countries begin to do like what Switzerland just did with the dumping of the Euro-dollar, the transition to deflation will begin to pick up speed as we get further along in the year by the end of summer, which brings us right close to the time of Rosh HaShanah.  $9-Trillion dollars is more than the economy of Brazil and France combined. 

The global financial crisis began initially in June of 2007.  The Rothschild's, through the 'IMF' and 'BIS', instituted what are known as 'The Basil Accords', I, II, & III.  They deliberately created a credit crisis by raising bank reserve requirements, and few saw or knew what was taking place and what was happening in the process.  The story was announced in a small byline story in a back-page article in the 'Washington Times' in which a prospective merger-acquisition between two large companies (I have long forgotten the two companies' names) collapsed because financing had been "withdrawn"; however, but up until that point the International banking cartel had money to lend to every Tom, Dick and Harry.  Thus followed a "credit" crisis, forcing banks to call in enough loans in order to cover reserve requirements under the Basel Accords.  We have never recovered from the so-called recession of 2007, nor will we!  The bottom line of all this is the Rothschild's began, on behalf of the Vatican, a 'world depression' of the likes the world has never seen before.  Many financial experts state that the coming depression will last twenty-five years.  The "short" of all this information is that the world is on its way to a "cashless" economy and the "Mark of the Beast" forced through an orchestrated 'global economic crash' and an electronic protocol of doing business.  Such talk to this effect was even addressed by Micro Soft's founder Bill Gates last week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.  I recommend the reader listen to Jim Willie of 'The Hat Trick Letter', also known as the "Golden JackassYou will find him interviewed by many economic and financial news reporting sites on the Internet.  He is the only one telling it like it really is!   Interestingly so, Jim Willie said on his latest report of January 28th, the US dollar will not survive 2015. Karen Hudes, a former attorney at the World Bank has been like a voice in the wilderness pointing out what I have been saying for years:  The Jesuit Vatican pulls all the strings!!!! 

I could easily name four or five more potential flash points but these should suffice to impress upon your mind what Christians can expect to face in the period the Bible calls The Tribulation.  I watched Dave Reagan's 'Lamb & Lion Ministry' television broadcast the other day on my Roku with Jonathan Cahn as Dr. Reagan's guest and as I was pondering some of his statements, I could not help but think that if Elul 29 this year is the Shemitah event and Tishri 1/2 (Rosh HaShanah), then the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church could be precisely the major global event that Cahn is suggesting as the Shemitah event of 2015.  I was thinking that if 150-million American believers were Raptured out on Rosh HaShanah, September 13/14/15, 2015, what the effects would be on the rest of those left behind.  Chaos is the only term I could think of to describe the aftermath of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture.  Given all these hypotheticals, more real than most can grasp, I return to an earlier point; Why did God not give the Church an advanced warning to be prepared for the Tribulation if God intended the Church go through the Tribulation?  

These are just a few of the impending global problems with profound global implications.  And I haven't mentioned the fact that many nations are breaking from the Petro-Dollar for purchasing their oil.  Pre-Tribulationalists have a simple answerThe Church will not be there!  The Apostle Paul presented the Rapture as a 'treasured truth', a "mystery" none the less that its teaching was to bring comfort to believers.  Just as Paul intended it to relate -(1st
Thessalonians 4:18), the Pre-Tribulational Rapture doctrine has comforted millions of Christians in their hour of grief and sorrow.  When you were young and anticipating your birthday, how great the excitement was of your expectancy when you did not know what you were getting for your birthday.  The element of surprise created an adrenal rush but knowing in advance of what you were getting for your birthday had a diminished affect on your joy. 

Recently Carl Gallups, well known by many as 'PPSimmons' declared he no longer believes in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.  This was good news to the confused host of the JW/SDA's "Pre-Wrath Rapture Forum" to bolster his attack on the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, but it is no 'slam dunk' by any measure.  I will explain.  I believe there is an explaination that eludes our understanding in Carl's confusion.  In his new book 'Final Warning' Carl Gallup rejects the Pre-Tribulation Rapture because of his inability to reconcile the expression "last trump" and "trumpet".  The issue of the reference to the "last trump" is not as a clear cut or yield a simple answer, but it is not from where I sit, reason to reject the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, especially since there is so much more definitive evidence to support it.  Carl talks like he is a closet Anti-Semite!

I wouldn't get hung up on the "trump" or "trumpet" issue.  Carl admits to the fact that he cannot reconcile the 'last trump' and 'trumpets' of Thessalonians, Corinthians, and Revelation.  He dismisses or discounts the importance of the Hebrew Roots and Jewish nuances of the Scripture, his own words to that affect, in several interviews he did several weeks ago on his Internet web site.  I see that more as a human flaw than as an inconsistency of interpretating Scripture, especially so for him to dismiss or to ignore the "Feast Days of the Lord" laid out in Leviticus 23.  I am suggesting to the reader that Carl Gallup is more than confused, he is remiss in his conclusion by ignoring a critical element that Christians have chose to ignore as a result of second and third century Anti-Semitsim that lingers like an undiagnosed cancer.  Much of Christianity today ignores the cultural, historical, chronological, and imbued Hebrew evidence that brings the New Testament to life. 

This is tragic because just like my reference to "seasons" above where Christians have long misunderstood the meaning of "seasons".  The term does not refer to (winter-spring-summer-fall) but rather refer to "appointed times".  When Christians were thinking of seasons, the real meaning applies to "divine appointments".  Pastor Mark Biltz does a beautiful job of explaining all of this in his DVD series on the "Feasts of the Lord".  The "Feasts of the Lord" are like a four layered cake and have multiple layered meanings or fulfillments for which the Christian community is largely oblivious/indifferent as to interpreting their meaning, and I might add they are not interested in knowing either but that does not change the truth - Here are the four levels of fulfillment of the "Feast Days of the Lord"historically, physically, spiritually, and prophetically:-)

Paul uses the expression "last trump" in 1st Corinthians 15:52, and it is unlikely that he would be referring to the 'Trumpet' judgements of Revelation that yet remained to be written in 95/96 AD, within the middle of the 21 judgements (seals/trumpets/bowls) of Revelation written approximately 35-years after Paul's letter to the Corinthians.  We do not have any, not a single inference, Biblical evidence or proof that Paul and John the revelator had any contact with each other as well.  It appears to me that Paul was addressing the particular event of the "Feast of Trumpets" associated with Rosh HaShanah, where during the 2-day event, the trumpets are blown 100 times.  It is my view that Carl Gallup is, to use the expression, "comparing apples with apricots".  Some have tried to link Paul's words here with the Apostle John's words in Revelation; but there is no basis for it, none whatsoever!  Even the "Seventh" trumpet judgement of Revelation is not the last trumpet: for at least a thousand years there will be subsequent trumpets in services performed in the Millennial Temple.  Note well this point, there is absolutely not one reference in the New Testament that would indicate the Apostle Paul and the Apostle John ever having come in contact with each other.  Furthermore, because Paul was formerly a Pharisee, meaning he would be trained, competent, and knowledgeable on matters of the "Feasts of the Lord" laid out in Leviticus 23.  When Paul was referring to the Rapture as a "mystery" in his teaching to the Corinthians he would have most likely found it helpful to have laid out the details of Leviticus 23, and the symbolism and meaning of the "Feasts of the Lord".  The Corinthians were not Jews, but Gentiles of Greece, and they would have been ignorant of the Hebrew Old Testament.  From the days following Saul's Damascus Road experience until his ministry began, he was out of circulation for at least three years in Arabia dedicated to a life of prayer, study, meditation, alone with God's individual instruction; and most scholars believe Paul was being prepared for his arduous and demanding ministry that laid ahead.  Scripture gives us only what we need to know, not all aspects of his instructional training by the Lord.  There is so much we do not know and thus we have to trust that matter was between the Lord and Paul.  We do know with absolute certainty that Jesus Christ fulfilled the 'Spring Feasts' precisely to the day, hour, and momentThat kind of precision is our encouragement that Christ Jesus will fulfill the 'Fall Feasts' with equal precision.  In my previous posts on the Feast of Rosh HaShanah, and the "themes, typology, and patterns" all correlate with the Rapture on the new moon of the 1st of Tishri and the blowing of trumpets 100 times.  It would be nice if all my posts, especially from last year, were archived for the reader to go back and study the collective details that enables us to have 100% confidence in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

Dr. David Reagan of Lamb & Lion Ministries Ministries posted on his web site Wednesday, January 28th, 2015, a review of the Carl Gallup's newest book, 'Final Warning'.  I hope the host of the JW/SDA's "Pre-Wrath Rapture Forum" takes the time to read Dr. Reagan's 6-page review.  Since the host of the JW/SDA's "Pre-Wrath Rapture Forum" has aired at least five posts by Carl Gallup, denouncing the Pre-Tribulation Rapture over the past two weeks.  I hope that Five Dove's readers would take the time to read Dr. Dave Reagan's review of 'Final Warning' as well.  Dr. David Reagan shows the many errors of Carl Gallup of his redefining or changing Bible terms to support his context.  Dr. Reagan's review notes particular discrepancies that are additional to my criticism.  Let me quote Bro. Dave's conclusion:  "In conclusion, Carl's latest book is an exercise in imagination that is going to confuse many people.  Even worse, it is going to convince many that Bible prophecy does not mean what it says."  

There is something that few of you may not be aware of and it could be something of great Biblical significance, especially to the 'Trumpet' judgments of Revelation.  Gil Broussard, a Christian, an engineer, an amateur astronomer has done an incredible amount of work in the form of material that is cogent to the 'trumpet judgments'.  Gil Broussard's work can be found on 'You Tube' under the title of  "Planet 7X".  He offers astronomical studies that mark the entry into our galaxy of a rogue planet on an orbit of every +/-360 year cycle.  Gil has labeled it "Planet 7X" because it is on the order or magnitude of 6.5 - 7.5 the size of the planet Earth.  This why he labeled it "Planet 7X", meaning 7X larger than the Earth.  His study lays out  a parallel of some 19 Biblical events that have occurred over the past 3,500 years that correlate with this rogue planet's visit in a pass by of Earth.  Within Revelation 8, 9, and 10, we find terms that describe precisely such an event and that correlate with Gil Broussard's planetary studies.  I have watched the You Tube videos many times and they bring to life many (12 that I counted) passages of Revelation 8,  9, and 10, especially the 'Trumpet' judgements.  His research has been confirmed by a number of astronomers and scientists.  Adjunct information from other disciplines suggest this rogue planet is the reason for "Geo-engineering" (chemtrails), for the purpose of obscuring our view from Earth in seeing the incoming object.  The object has been dubbed Planet-X by Marshall Masters of YOWUSA, and Nibura, the Destroyer, Wormwood in the Bible, etc. by those studying the gravitational affects on the outer planets.  This has been ongoing since the early 1980's when it was first reported that there is an object in deep space influencing or tugging on the outer planets in our galaxy.  The object that Marshall Masters has been researching is supposed to be on an orbit of 3,600-years.  Gil Broussard notes that ancient documents may have confused the 3,600 number to mean 360.  As Marshall Masters says in his commentary about this being kept from the common man of the world, "the 1% get the life boats while the othr 99% get the steerage!"   Only the 1% survives!  Steerage is the bottom of a ship's hull where freight is stored in transit in case you don't catch the point. It was the steerage passengers that went down with the Titantic. 

Whether you consider this relevant or not, I would not be so quick to dismiss Gil Broussard's research.  Of the some 20 videos on You Tube, I suggest the reader watch the one titled "Time Line" first, to get some insight of how this fits the picture (11 minutes in length) of what Revelation talks about hail stones of the weight of talents, i.e., 70-75# each.  I don't know about you, but the largest hail stones that I have ever encountered were the size of lemons, and you should have seen the damaged they did.  They totaled car windshields, roofs, hoods, etc., where I lived at the time.  I believe I would want to be well below ground in a D.U.M.B. bunker like at the Denver airport. 

Let me add one more reason for being confident in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture.  

14.  The Pre-Tribulation Rapture motivates us to live holy lives, to keep us on our toes.  I relate this aspect from my days in an "atomic" artillery unit in West Germany during the Cold War.  We were subject to monthly unscheduled "alerts" or drill exercises, always at a time when we were getting deep Rem. sleep, in which we had to be loaded and ready to roll in 15-minutes with all our equipment, vehicles, and the six 280mm big guns.  When I drove my 'duce-and-a-half' truck and ton-and-a-half trailer out the garrison gate I was already in third gear as I gunned the truck's engine for the West German forests designated as our meeting points .  Those monthly rehearsal drills heightened our performance capabilities such that we could do it half-awake at 4 am.  In my three years in West Germany during the Cold War Era, I never gave it much thought about the potential damage that could be done with just one or even all of the thirty-six nuclear 850-lb.15-kiloton projectile rounds in our nuclear weapons vans.  My squad room was two floors directly over the armory where these beasts were secured until the next alert, be it a drill or God forbid, the real thing.  That experience has restrained me over the years to tone down the frenetic fear that many of the Internet patriotic and religious sites are prone to shout like crying fire in a movie theater.  This is not to diminish their message so much as to keep it all in perspective.  God is fully in control! Our job is to be obedient and faithful.  As I stated in a post a couple weeks ago, we can truly "Comfort One Another With These Words" 

I cannot imagine better words to give you than to "Edify One Another".  Psalm 118:8 is so appropriate for us today, "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man."  The very next verse Psalm 118:9 goes a bit further, "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes."  One of my favorite statements is the one Dr. Chuck Missler of Koinonia House uses, words to the affect that, "God is not going to take His Bride to the woodshed and beat her to a pulp, and then turn around and say, Honey let's go on a honeymoon."   The fact is that no loving husband would ever permit willingly his wife from being needlessly abused and suffering the kind of Tribulation that we vision from just the kinds of events I have noted to be Tribulation events.  It is simply senseless to believe in anything other than the Pre-Tribulation Rapture!  You can see precisely why readers need to be warned about the JW/SDA's "Pre-Wrath Rapture Forum".  They even lie by their using the word "Forum" because they censor the debate when they deny the Pre-Tribulation Rapture or call it a lie.   In the history of the Roman culture, the forum was a place where ALL different views were permitted on any given subject.   They would never permit my posts!  They are nothing more than a propaganda bully pulpit filling the minds of its followers with confusion.  Keep looking up, my intuition tells me that we should have our spiritual life in order because the train to the wedding only makes one stop!   I'm so looking forward to my new body!

Lord Jesus, come quickly!

Pastor Bob