Will Schumacher (25 Feb 2014)
"Rabbi Schlomo Goren blew the shofar and the wheat harvest"

2Ch 3:1 Then Solomon began to build the house of the LORD at Jerusalem in mount Moriah, where the LORD appeared unto David his father, in the place that David had prepared in the threshingfloor of Ornan the Jebusite.
H8010שלמה Shelomoh {shel-o-mo'} from 07965; TWOT - 2401i; n pr m AV - Solomon 293; 293 Solomon = "peace" 1) son of David by Bathsheba and 3rd king of Israel; author of Proverbs and Song of Songs
H1637 גרן goren {go'-ren} from an unused root meaning to smooth; TWOT - 383a; n m AV - threshingfloor 18, floor 11, place 2, barn 1, barnfloor 1, corn 1, cornfloor + 01715 1, threshingplace 1; 36 1) threshing-floor 2) (TWOT) barn, barn floor, corn floor, void place
Because of the day count from retaking of Jerusalem and temple mount 6-7-67 to 9-23-15 and the importance of the shofar to the rapture and to both feast of trumpets and Day of atonement, I wondered if there was a shofar blown on 6-7-67
Rabbi Schlomo Goren is famous for blowing the shofar that day.
Schlomo =Solomon
Goren=THreshingfloor-what the temple was built on
Absolutely perfect match
David bought the threshing floor from Ornan whil he was threshing wheat
Jesus is gathering his wheat into his barn (temple)
We are the temple
Mat 3:12 Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.
THe church is the wheat harvest