Randy (25 Feb 2014)
"Book: The HARBINGER:  Does anyone know the TOP 20 Major Points in the book? (Major COINCIDENCES??)"

I tripped over the Harbinger ONE Hour TV show last night.
UP until now, I have not bought the book.....but I do believe its time. 
I can NOT find the exact TV show I watched last night, but I caught it from 1/2 way through.
FIRST...a few fundamental background items: 
1) YOU ALL KNOW, we "don't believe in coincidences."    Right?
2) WE ALL KNOW something BIG happened prophetically on 9-11. It's like a FINAL Chapter opened onto the world stage......it WAS "the day that changed EVERTYTHING!!!  WE all know that!! 
3) I have believed something BIG ALSO happened on Rosh Hashanah 2008, when the stock market got socked and went down an astonishing 777.68 points.  (A coincidence?  I still don't think so!) 
Just the last 1/2 of the show blew my mind with a couple things I already KNEW....and a couple things I did NOT know.
What I did not know:
1) I did not know that the electronic bell they ring to open the NY Stock exchange every day did NOT ring on 9/29/2008.  (hmmm....)
Link to blog that morning:  http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com/2008/09/29/the-opening-bell-didnt-ring-today-a-sign-of-things-to-come/
2) I did NOT know that the church near Ground Zero was "THE" church where the founding fathers PRAYED right after G Washington was sworn in (?) 
Thus,,,,,,the events of 9-11, when the towers fell, was THE site where IT ALL BEGAN with Prayer when our first President was sworn in!!  WOW! 
3) I did NOT know the story of a "stranger at the airport" who spoke to Jonathon in answer to his prayer right then and there "God, if this is Your will, HOW will this book get published?"  GREAT STORY!! 
What I DID know:
1) Jonathon references the tree that fell, protecting that church.
2) I knew about Tom Dachle's Bible quote in response to 9-11
3) I had already come to a conclusion of the "7 years" theory.........  9-11-2001....to 9-29-2008....   the "smita?" ...the 7 years theory.
(I have recently been telling people of the 7 year intervals that seem to dominate the stock market "down" years..........   1987 - 1994 - 2001 - 2008.....and what comes next????   2015.   I think 2014 in the markets may be OK>.........not stellar like 2013......but not a "bad" year yet......  I'm looking at 2015 for the next BIG problem!  NOtHING has been fixed......and the market is back to ReCORD HIGHS.....and the nations all around the world HAVE MORE DEBT THATN EVER BEFORE......  HEY!!  It can't go on forever!!)
4) And a number of other things.
Well....COULD IT BE Jonathon Cahn?????   Could be...
I know this.....it  IS TIME to buy his book, at least for me!
TICK TOCK.....................