Dale (25 Feb 2014)
"God is Watching the World of Finance ~ Nicole Poon"

More from Nicole Poon on the topic of finance. Wall Street, Egypt, Israel and the Middle East are prominent players.


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10th October 2013/ I praised God in my prayer but this vision is not related to my prayer. God showed His eye seeing the people of this world, the man was worrying about the finance, the woman was showing off her fashion.

4 June 2012/
I still prayed for God's soon return, God showed Jesus watching Egypt, He sent out an economic index, at the end of this index was a straight line, in the distance there was a collapsed building with many banknotes, a big eye was floating with a map on it.

4 June 2012/ In this big eye, the location of Israel was marked.

17 February 2012/ Then I asked God for His leading. God showed a timeline like a snake winding a pipe with money. I asked God for the meaning, but no answer.

17 February 2012/ There were some pictures on the timeline showed the countries and cities: China; London, UK; Paris, France; New York, US; Hong Kong; ...

17 February 2012/ ...Two space ships flying over a desert and there was a rainbow and light and clouds in the sky; An Arab showing a index of some things; Dubai.

5 March 2012
A man with his face layer floating out pointing to an index chart. The index line was going flat at the end. This vision was not related to my prayer. Then I asked God for a clear message because many would be curious about that.

5 March 2012/ Then God replied with words, "Drawing a line is the same as a face in man's life, who can measure the depth of that?"