Charles (25 Feb 2014)
"Chirps of A Canary"


Well the polar vortex is back. After a sunny day its cold in the cage again. Can people even discern the weather any more its crying out this is not right. Chirp

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!

I quote a popular movie past the truth you want the truth you can't handle the truth. Hence the great vanity God says people going along the course of the world walk in their hearts alienated from the life of God.

The fact is the true gospel says we the Gentiles are lost born without hope apart from Israel and the covenants. Only thtough Christ are the two made one and re united with God. Ok

The fact is the more I seek the truth of Christ the more I see what is meant by God knows mans thoughts they are vain. In essence every thought we think in our flesh or walk in apart from capturing that thought to Christ is futile.

If we live the thought that anything we do in this world apart from Christ will profit us or remain we are walking in vanity. Where are Solomon's gardens?

Solomon said the whole duty of man came down to fearing God and obeying His commands.  His first command is believe on His Son. His Son commands us to love Him and others as self and watch and pray and warn and teach others to obey all He taught.

But the religion of this world that wants to unify says all paths are equally valid except the one that says the narrow path is the only way following Jesus.

Why did He die if there was any way we could justify ourselves and why did He rise except the God of the living reigns not of the dead.

The truth causes us to die to self, to works of our hands while doing hood signs in Spirit. It causes us to hate our own flesh and to see what Solomon saw all we build will be vanity except what we sow in spirit to The Lord.

That's the truth we are in a world where we are told to live for here and we walk in it but a world that is perishing and that the word of God identified the generation who saw Israel reborn would be the final one in grace.

He also said a great falling away would occur. Christianity is holiness look up the definition. The truth is we must walk in this flesh but we are supposed to pick up our cross and by it die to the flesh and walk the narrow path thtough Jesus Spirit we are saved.