Anthony Mak (25 Feb 2012)
"Billy Graham in his prime - no wonder God chose him!"

The powerful anointing from his preaching can still be felt this preaching from him about the 2nd Coming of Jesus. ( not sure whether if it was in the 50s or 60s..). watch all 3 will be stirred up for sure...

While watching it, I felt that the verse that refers to "that generation that shall not all pass away" is referring to the last generation of God's generals who witnessed the re-birth of the fig tree ( Israel ) and went all out to proclaim the 2nd Coming of Christ boldly!! THEY shall not ALL pass away until the return of Jesus for them!!!!!

Billy Graham gave his last sermon in November of 2013. Others like Oral Roberts, AA Allen, David Wilkerson etc..have all passed away already and there are only very few of these faithful men of God left alive today, like Charles Capps and maybe one or two more, that's all. Even God's generals who are still alive from 1948 are running out of time......Maranatha!