Randy (20 Feb 2013)
"Article/Photo/quote:  I just said this yesterday in a post:  Eventually on debt vs GPD, you reach a point where there is no turning back."

There is a rising group of voices saying the SAME THINGS on various subjects

1) Nations (including the USA) CANNOT continue to issue more and more debt!  See photo below.  I think this is HUGE....the intent of the USA AND the other G20 nations to continue to issue more and more debt, as their ratio of debt to GDP gets higher and higher!!!! 

HEY......IF Obama KNOWS about the Rapture and soon-to-come events.....why NOT just issue more and more debt.....!!  ?? 

2) What IS going on around the world.......earthquakes, tsunamis...and now meteors.  ????

3) Posts on Five Doves......re:  UNprecidented events.....Pope's resignation, the meteor.....etc!!  ALOT OF US will be WATCHING the End of March, through the Spring Feasts THIS YEAR with heightened interest!!!!!